Reflecting on what happened in the past is a good thing to appreciate the things you have accomplished. Dreaming about the future is also wonderful to plan on the things you would like to do to evolve as the person you want to become. However, when being stuck in the past can lead to depression contra thinking too much of the future can lead to anxiety.

Everything has to do with balance and where you will find the balance and finding out who you truly are is in the present moment. In the now! It is in the now you will find your truth. It is in the now you are complete. It is in the present moment you will find your paradise.

As said reminiscing of what was and planning for the future is part of what makes life beautiful, but you will only live in paradise when you are fully present and living in the now.

So how can you find your balance to live in the present moment?

  • Meditation – is a perfect way to press pause of whatever that happens around you and just really focus on your minds health to find the peaceful and loving voice inside of you. Meditation is a part of self care, in other words it is essential for you to practise meditation as often as you can to embrace the gratitude inside of you and to become fully present.
  • Prayers – communicating with the Creator of the Universe is the most powerful way to live in the present moment. Prayers is personal and there is nothing more authentically than to communicate with the ONE who knows you inside out.
  • Creativity – whatever that is you find creative and what makes you soul happy do it more often. Being creative is your natural state of being. Taking photography, painting, singing, writing, working out or performing sports, it is in those moments you are being and living in the now.

It is a journey to find your now, but it is easy to enter. It is free, it is right here, it is right now and it is yours to keep!

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