The “Sometimes I go off I go hard”– mentality by Beyonce is a good and a wise thing to do in every area of your life. But how about your social media life?

Versatility Beauty&Fashion believes that detoxing yourself from social media from time to time could be a necessary thing to do to let your soul and mind re-connect with each other and for the ability to embrace things that truly matters to you.

Here are 5 reasons why you should detox yourself from social media.

versatility beauty and fashion1.Studies have shown that excessive use of smartphones make us forget things quickly since we absorb massive information in high speed. Reading books on the other hand develops your memory since you have time to reflect on what you have just read.  And the best part is that you add new words on your vocabulary. A good book read Versatility Beauty&Fashion recommend is Worthy by Shannon Evette – a book about nursing your worthy as a woman.

versatility beauty and fashion2.Most part of the social media phenomena is to get attention for likes. Spending more time with your family in real life there is no doubt you will receive genuine attention you truly need.

versatility beauty and fashion3.Like with family you get to hang out with people who truly appreciate you for who you are.

versatility beauty and fashion

4.Having a “Me, myself and I” time is the best way to build your relationship with yourelf. Do things that you love and what you feel that builds your confidence and your self-awareness. As Carrie Brawdshaw once said “The best relationship you will have ever is with yourself!”

versatility beauty and fashion5. Disconnecting yourself  from social media over a period of time you will be more present over what is happening in real life. You will become more awakened of who you are and relfect on your true purpose of your life here on earth.

Versatility Beauty&Fashion is pro social meida – it is a amazing plattform for people (and companies) to connect with each other across the globe. However, this article is for you who reads this, a reminder for you to remember to take time to connect with your friends, family and most importantly with yourself.

If you loved this article please feel free to share your thoughts and also feel free to share if you have detoxed yourself from social media or planning to do so.

Enjoy your socia media detox journey.

Versatility Beauty&Fashion

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