Head-wrapping has always been a fashionable style in Africa, Middle East and som part in Asia. “Somehow” it has different connotions depending on how you wear it and where you live in three of these continents. Either it is for socialstatus/cultural/religous reasons or it is a perfect way to let the curly or coily tresses to rest underneath the scarf. Head-wrapping can also be a great way to protect the hair from the hot sun and UV-rays.

Head wrapping has also been worn by women in the western world, actually for cultural matters, but became more way of signifying your social-status. This head-scarf style was trendy during the 50s amongst overclass women but today everyone can wear the style and is a way to express yourself Fashionably!

Here are 5 Versatile ways of wrapping your head

head wrap1 head wrap2 head wrap3 head wrap4 head wrap5

Which of the styles did you like?

Is head-wrapping a part of your fashion of style?

Will you try wearing head-wrap this coming spring/summer 2013?

Text: Charity Odum