I saw this comment by ShamelessMaya on Facebook and it gave me a real kick on the butt to finally write this letter and actually post it!

I have realized there are periods whenever I really put my heart to be active with Versatility Beauty and Fashion something comes up in life that hinders me to move on and to reactivate my onlinemagazine. Versatility Beauty and Fashion is part of who I am and part of what makes me happy.

I started this year of 2015 the campaign Healthy movement – regarding how to achieve healthier soul/spirit, body and hair and that there are unique ways to achieve that – therefore I have been interviewing women around the world for them to share their healthier movement of 2015. What I have realized for me when it comes to spiritual growth is that whenever life happens you should always continue to  have fun. Just keep on moving forward build your hopes and dreams and see things blossoms around you anyway. And most importantly never rely on anyone to make you feel happy – You are responsible for your own happiness!

I remember when I listened to one of my favorite pastors, Joel Osteen, a Lead Pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston Texas about there are four types of persons and whom you surround yourself with can determine your perspective of life and happiness.

  • Lift – a person that loves life and makes you feel that life is so beautiful
  • Thrust – a person that challenges you to pursuit your dreams and destiny
  • Weight – a person who likes to have fun but in terms of talking about other people and about small and meaningless problems.
  • Drag – a person that does not see any light of the day and does not make any effort to be happy at all.

With this Pastor Joel says that the majority of your surroundings should be with “lifters” and “thrusters”. You can be there for the “weighters” for the hopes to inspire them to become more positive about life. The drag though can only drag you down and therefore you should instead encourage them to get a professional help for them to become who they truly are.

When I heard this I did think about my surroundings and also whom I was – because at the end of the day I am and always will be responsible over my on happiness!


So yes Versatility Beauty and Fashion is back on track and so is the Healthy movement with Versatility Beauty and Fashion. There are interviews that were done during spring time that will be posted shortly. And of course the Healthy movement campaign will continue this coming new year of 2016.

Thank you ShamelessMaya for posting that comment. And for my readers thank you so much for reading this letter and for visiting and supporting Versatility Beauty and Fashion -the onlinemagazine with every beauty in mind!

Stay Blessed!

Charity –Editor in chief

Versatility Beauty&Fashion