The beautiful Ghanaian-Dutch model and fashion designer Anna Akyere came to visit Stockholm, Sweden last week. Her visit to Stockholm was to get inspired of the Swedish fashion and interior designs for her upcoming fashion design project.

anna akyere

Versatility Beauty&Fashion had the chance to meet her in person and as we met we had an “A seat at the table” with Anna and her friends.

a seat at the table

We had conversation about politics, diversity of cultures in The Netherlands and Sweden, social constructions around the world, the connotation of it and more. However, we enjoyed having conversation  what was close to our hearts which was of course versatility of beauty and fashion, the importance of embracing your unique beauty, style and grace. It was also interesting to hear Anna’s and her friends interpretation of Swedish people and Stockholm.

a seat at the table

a seat at the table

They simply loved Stockholm, Sweden and was happy to have met a local. Having that said, it was an honor to have met Anna and her beautiful friends.

Feel free to read interview we did with Anna  for the healthy movement with Versatility Beauty&Fashion 2016 here.

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