“Inactivity it never moves anything forward
Being active is an art making things moving forward!” – Charity, Editor in Chief

versatility beauty and fashion björn borg

Two years in a row we have been interviewing women across the world who have been sharing their ways of living an active life. Being healthy is a lifestyle and Versatility Beauty&Fashion believes it is an art to remain healthy and to live an active life.

For those who are new,  Healthy movement with Versatility Beauty&Fashion is a movement where we want to break the ideal of what living an active and a healthy lifestyle should look like, since we believe they come in versatile ways. And through the interviews we hope they will inspire you to find your own ways to live a healthy and active life.

To move the Healthy movement with Versatility Beauty&Fashion forward and to make it more inspiring the editor in chief will share her active lifestyle when it comes to working out in association with the Swedish Icon Sportswear Björn Borg.

versatility beauty and fashion björn borg

The editor in chief of Versatility Beauty&Fashion adores Björn Borg  new sports wear and their philosophy, since the sportswear of Björn Borg are designed to make you look and feel active attractive.

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Feel free to share your ways to live a healthy lifestyle and/or your goals to achieve healthier lifestyle this year of 2017 on the comment field down below. You can also share your healthy life journey on social media by using the hashtag #healthymovemntvbf2017.

Lets come together and enjoy the movement!

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