In many decades, the notion of lighter or paler skin is seen as beautiful. And in many countries the white woman’s features, hair and skincolor was (and still is) viewed as the ideal of beauty. The notion of paler skin has been applied to non-white people, for instance in Japan (women in particular) having pale skin resembles beauty; this is because the gallant term for women in general is “the fair sex” in other words being pale signifies as being “lady like”.

Within the African (black), Indian, Middle eastern community many women use skin-bleachers to obtain the light skin color as they think they will be viewed as more as lady like. Even Japanese women who already have pale skin use skin-bleacher to make their skin even lighter.

But the pale skin no longer doesn’t count for every Japanese woman.

b style in japan

Meet Hina, a Japanese woman who embraces the HipHop style of fashion, hair and culture.

After watching the video, Versatility Beauty&Fashion would like to know your opinion about the B-style culture in Japan:
Does it signify that Japanese women are (basically) stereotyping black people in general as Hip Hopers?
Is the B-style culture in Japan a positive/negative way to break the barriers of what is supposed to be the ideal of beauty in Japan?

Text: Charity Odum
Special thanks to Azusa Itagaki for sending this video to us