Sustainability has become a repeated term in the fashion – and in the make up world for the past few years. Due to the climate changes we are facing, more and more major companies are striving on producing clothes making them climate friendly. While some are buying clothes that meets the criteria of sustainability, others choose to buy second hand clothes or even take it further buying blank garments and color the garments on their own.

Signe Siemsen are one of the muses we follow on Instagram who encourages her followers to choose conscious fashion over fast fashion. Apart from buying vintage clothes she buys blank clothes and dyes with herbs and plants.

Signe Siemsen
Signe Siemsen

Signe Siemsen

Another beautiful muse who chooses slow fashion is Julia Daila who is a model, fashion and beauty influencer who encourages her readers and followers to do the same.
Julia Dalia

Here are some bullet points by Julia Dalia on why you should choose slow fashion and conscious fashion:

  • Buying less but better quality over quantity
  • Creating a capsule wardrobe
  • Buying preloved vintage pieces
  • Making more conscious decisions
  • Reducing the number of clothes we buy
  • Learning more about the fashion industry and production processes
  • Researching sustainable and ethical fashion brands.

Versatility Beauty&Fashion admires Signe Siemsen and Julia Dalia Being the change they are seeking for in the fashion industry. But most importantly that they are living fully, owning their beauty and being who they truly are.

Images: @imilk, @julia.dalia
Text: Versatility Beauty&Fashion

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