As the season changes so does the weather. For me, the change is a reminder that changes are for good. Sometimes it can be terrifying but at the end of the day everything turns out to be beyond what you’ve expected. On the other hand if you look forward to change(s) it only shows that you are ready for new opportunities that will give you new birth you are looking for. versatility beauty and fashion

We tend to seek change in others. Seek no more. Be the change you are seeking for.

As that being said, Versatility Beauty&Fashion will be driving a campaign “Be the change you are seeking for” presenting ordinary people, influencers and also celebrities using social media platforms as their tool of making the change they are seeking for.  Our ambition is to write as much articles as possible for this important campaign. Moreover, our hope is to interview change-makers in the beauty, culture and fashion industry for you readers to read their true stories of their determination of being the change they are seeking for.

Perhaps you are a change-maker? If so please leave a comment of your ambition to be the change you are seeking for.

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