They say life is but a dream and we at Versatility Beauty&Fashion are in awe of inspirational beings living their fullest and being who they truly are. With that said, it is an honor having the beautiful, entrepreneurial, passionate and creative artist Philece Roberts (also known as Thatartista) from Bahamas joining the “Be The Change You Want To See” campaign. Being the living proof of living the life of her dreams Philece shares her journey and her purpose of being influential within the artist community by empowering women and girls to fully expect who they are through creativity and art.

Tell us who Philece Roberts is?
I am a family oriented, sometimes introverted, artist, graphic designer and ocean lover living in the Bahamas.

Tell us about your profession?
My profession is an entrepreneurial merge of my love for technology and traditional art. As a graphic designer and illustrator, I create designs and artwork for commercial use. From logo design and branding development to book design and illustration. As a fine artist I create artwork inspired by the beauty and stories of women.

art by Philece

Beautiful work of art by Philece Roberts

Through the campaign “Be the change you want to see” Versatility Beauty&Fashion wants to represent women who have found their purpose of being influential on the areas they want to make a change. Please share what you believe is your purpose and how you can make an impact of the area you would like to change?
I believe my purpose is two fold and ever evolving. Living authentically and sharing my story as well as that of others outside of and through my art continues to propel my purpose while facilitating my own growth.

I am proof that happiness can be found in and beyond the imperfections and difficult times. That it’s ok to follow your heart despite societal norm and beliefs and in the face of feeling unsupported and familial expectations that do not align with your own. That hard work and achieving success (by your own definition) and living his gift of life on your own terms is validation in abundance.

Additionally, to continue representing women respectfully and powerfully, allowing the art to provide a gentle reminder to girls and women of all ages that they are beautiful and every part of their story is important, the good the bad and the in between. Empowerment has become such an integral part of my purpose and I am excited to experience how it continues to evolve.

Versatility Beauty&Fashion is for healthy and balanced lifestyle and through the Healthy Movement campaign our aspiration is to inspire our readers that there are versatile ways to achieve a balanced healthy life. How do you find balance in your daily life and what do you do to maintain:

Healthy body?
I alternate between cardio, strength training, yoga and pilates when I’m on a consistent workout schedule. I haven’t been very consistent with working out over the past two months, but I’m always moving and stretching throughout the day. I also take advantage of my time at the beach. Long walks/jogs in the sand makes for a great leg day! In the meantime I’m pushing myself to regain some sort of rhythm and get back to my regular workouts.

Healthy mind & Healthy soul?
My introverted nature requires alone time which along with meditation, have become essential when it comes to maintaining a healthy mind and soul. Quiet time on the beach, a comfy spot anywhere reading a great book or writing are just some of the things that allow my mind and soul to rest and recharge. Spending quality time with people and in places that make my heart smile and leave my soul at ease, are just as important. It’s between these contrasting needs that I have found a beautiful balance. Lastly, though art is my profession it is also my love, so you can find me releasing and tending to my mind and soul through the art as well!
Philece Roberts

Is there anything else you would like to add?
No one is responsible for your happiness but you. Live your truth and never stop choosing happy. Life is too precious to do it any other way!

Did you relate to Philece’s story? Kindly share your thoughts on the comment field below. Also feel free to be a part of “Be the Change You Want to See” campaign by sharing your story and how you can make an impact of the change you want to see.

Interview: by Versatility Beauty&Fashion

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