It is human wanting to change things outside of yourself, when the truth of the matter change starts with YOU! Meet the beautiful Rahwa Dagnew with entrepreneurial and change-making spirit who strongly believes in change starts with yourself and has joined  our movement campaign “Be the Change You Want To See”.  Rahwa shares her journey of becoming a digital producer and project manger along with her purpose of being influential within the Swedish employment market where her mission is to uplift the injustice and lack of diversity and equality in different spectrums and constellations  through her recently launched podcast “Men tack för visat intresse!”.

Tell us who Rahwa Dagnew is?
Wow, hard question! Maybe because it’s asking me to capture something so complex into a system of words that’s often lacking the ability to capture who you are. I feel like I’m a lot of things at once, like everyone else. Most of the time I’m outgoing and very social and other times I’m superawkward or chilled haha. I think different circumstances brings out different sides of me and I try to be in environments that challenges me because usually that’s when I’m the most hyped. That’s when you find sides you never knew. Also, progress is the beauty of living.

Tell us about your profession?
At the moment I’m working for a project at Fryshuset called LIV1 as a digital producer and project manager. The purpose for the project is through digital storytelling influence and change negative assumption about people with different cultures than ethnical swedes and nuances their representation in media. We want to show that diversity within all aspects of our society is a key element that contributes to growing creativity, innovation and general progress.

I get the freedom to create, conceptualise my ideas and evolve in my role which is so important to me. One of the things I’ve created is the podcast “Men tack för visat intresse!” [translation: But thank you for showing interest!] which is a phrase many people of colour hear even when being qualified for the position. I’m aware that rejection when applying for a job is common, but this podcast speaks to the pattern of lacking diversity in Swedish working industry. My guests are mainly CEO’s and HR because they have an overall responsibility for the environment and direction of the company. My goal is to have a real conversation and seeing if companies can speak openly and true about the issue, but also how they use their position to actively work solutions oriented to create a more inclusive society.

Through the campaign “Be the change you want to see” Versatility Beauty&Fashion wants to represent women who have found their purpose of being influential on the areas they want to make a change. Please share what you believe is your purpose and how you can make an impact on the area you would like to change?
Change needs to start with yourself. We are constantly experiencing and being exposed to so much that sometimes it’s hard to see the change in yourself. Your mindset, attitude, intentions. That could be subtle, so I make sure I’m challenging myself and reflect a lot about my own evolution. This also means that I have a no limitations in my own ability to change. I believe that being able to evolve is a major factor in what drives me. When it comes to what area I would like to change it is to create a society that appreciates versatility and diversity in all forms, from all angels. We need all perspectives and stories to have the space they deserve and at the moment I don’t believe we have that. Some stories are being told and some are not even asked for and it’s a great loss. The nuances of their stories are never coming to light and that frustrates me. Personally, I live in a beautiful place with great diversity but it’s also an area far from Stockholm’s inner city. And there’s a danger when the same people are deciding who sets the status quo. Because of this I feel a responsibility to in anything I do involve their story and share when I’m in abundance.

Versatility Beauty&Fashion is for healthy and balanced lifestyle and through the Healthy Movement campaign our aspiration is to inspire our readers that there are versatile ways to achieve a balanced healthy life.

How do you find balance in your daily life and what do you do to maintain:

Healthy body?
First of all, everyone is uniquely designed and need different elements in life to create balance. That should never be compared or compromised. Personally, I really take time in finding out what I need in my life at that moment. I make sure to get fresh air, water and fruit. At the same time, I love to go out eat pizza and drink wine. A real workout was a long time ago that’s if dancing at clubs doesn’t count haha. Although a friend just challenged me to go out running 15 minutes a day. Maybe I will try that…

Healthy mind?
We are supercomplex beings and I try not to do anything I don’t want or doesn’t come naturally to me. I have found out that my definition of selfcare is when I’m patient with myself. I also really enjoy conditioned hair, baths and facemasks. That’s one of fewer times I solely think about myself. It’s just meditative.

Healthy soul?
Light some sage, candles and listen to Solange with friends is for me the best soul food! I also have an amazing family so when everyone is chilling at my mom’s house, eating traditional Eritrean food is quality time at its finest. I usually have a busy schedule, but I never want to skip out on family time.

Did you relate to Rahwa’s story? Kindly share your thoughts on the comment field below. Also feel free to be a part of “Be the Change You Want to See” campaign by sharing your story and how you can make an impact of the change you want to see.

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