We at Versatility Beauty&Fashion are honoured having the beautiful, entrepreneurial and passionate Swedish Make-up artist Rebecka Cardholm being a part of the Be the change you want to see campaign. Through this campaign Rebecka shares her journey of being a Make up-artist and her purpose of being influential in the Make up and beauty industry helping other make up-artists across Sweden becoming more independent business-wise through the network Nätverket för Sveriges Makeupartister, founded by Rebecka Cardolm.

Tell us who Rebecka Cardholm is?
I would describe myself as an ambitious yet impatient woman. I love problem solving and being creative, which is why I think being an entrepreneur is the ultimate life path for me. I get to work with what I love and no day looks like the other. Generally, I believe in learning by doing and I try to explore new grounds as often as I can. Being open-minded and humble towards your peers are traits I value in people, including myself.
rebecka cardholm

Tell us about your profession?
I primarily work as a professional makeup artist; mostly B2B for advertisements, television shows, music videos, editorials and such. Every now and then I do weddings, red carpet or private events as well, but I definitely find more joy in doing business with bigger productions in larger teams. I love being on set and see clearly separated craftsmanship come to one, resulting in a perfect fashion shoot, music video, tv episode or whatever it is you’re going for. Without everyone on set doing their own specific thing; whether you’re a makeup artist, a sound engineer or a photographer, the end result would never come together and be as great as a well coordinated production is.

Rebecka Cardholm

photo taken by Sara Nguyen

Through the campaign “Be the change you want to see” Versatility Beauty&Fashion wants to represent women who have found their purpose of being influential on the areas they want to make a change. Please share what you believe is your purpose and how you can make an impact of the area you would like to change?

Unfortunately, not everyone sees the value in each particular trade, and sadly enough tries to cut corners without expecting a loss of finesse in the finished product. Makeup artists are often frowned upon by – mainly inexperienced – producers, directors and project managers and we are at times expected to work for free. The terrible offer is often wrapped in empty promises worded as “great experience”, “beautiful photos” or “a valuable connection with the industry” which makes younger and less experienced makeup artists, hungry for work and desperate to get a foot in the industry, fall for it. The effort put into the job is rarely worth the outcome of the project and you leave the set feeling taken advantage of, tired and with a wounded self-confidence that might be hard to heal. If you’re used to working for free, how would you ever be able to put a price tag on your services the next time someone gives you a call?

Because of all this, I felt a need for a unifying network for people in my position. A lot of makeup artists find it difficult not only to ask for a reasonable level of pay, but also to run their own business and therefore get stuck in being employed in umbrella companies (such as Frilans Finans or Cool Company). They’re great when you’re starting out, but when you finally start making big money they get quite expensive and disadvantageous compared to having your own business. People find it difficult to get all their documents straight, to follow up with clients that don’t pay their invoices, to find freelance work, etc. No makeup artist I spoke to, whether they are new in the industry or experienced, knew of any business, union or organisation that purely helps the freelancer become more confident and safe in their profession. As soon as I figured out that there obviously wasn’t anyone out there that would help me, I founded it myself: Nätverket för Sveriges Makeupartister (the Network for the Makeup Artists of Sweden).

I started pulling some strings, and eventually managed to set up a network that offers legal support free of charge, templates for invoices, receipts and contracts, a unique insurance developed to fit freelancing makeup artists, data on salaries and fees, and much more that is beneficial for our members. We offer three levels of memberships to make parts of our services accessible to everyone, and to not sell you more than you need.

Rebecka Cardholm

photo taken by Mido Ouf

My vision with NSM is to give freelance makeup artists a safe foundation to rely on when their business feels tough, slow, unprofitable or unfair. Since we’re only here to support and represent the makeup artists in the industry and not biased by any schools, suppliers or employers our members will never have to worry that we’re looking for anything that is not in their best interest.

Long term, I want NSM to be the go-to network for makeup artists in the industry where they can find everything that makes it easier for them to run their business – from good deals on makeup products and tools, to legitimate and affordable support if they ever get into a legal dispute.

Versatility Beauty&Fashion is for healthy and balanced lifestyle and through the Healthy Movement campaign our aspiration is to inspire our readers that there are versatile ways to achieve a balanced healthy life.

How do you find balance in your daily life and what do you do to maintain:

Healthy Body:

My back, shoulders and neck are actually quite broken due to ergonomically unsound working positions and many hours in front of the computer; so I can’t really say my body is as healthy as I would like it to be. To get there, I do about 30 minutes of strengthening physiotherapy everyday and make sure to get a good round of massage at a naprapath’s office every now and then. A little over three years ago I decided to go vegan, and I’m happy that my body is responding in such a positive way to plant based food. The ethical viewpoint of veganism has helped a lot with evolving my moral standpoints and thoughts on life, empathy and the norms in our society.

Rebecka Cardholm

photo taken by Rebecca Selin

Healthy Mind:

Working with what I do, which I love, helps a lot to stay sane and healthy. I could never imagine myself going to an office five days a week and staying there for 8 hours with fixed tasks assigned by someone else. It may seem like such a cliché, but being your own boss is the best thing there is for someone with an entrepreneurial mind.
I practice skills I personally value as often as I can – I try to develop my sense of language by reading news articles and writing blog entries for NSM’s website regularly, and maintain my logical mind by solving sudokus and crosswords nearly every day.

Healthy soul:

The best way for me to relax and get my mind off work or stressful situations is to spend time with my boyfriend and friends. It doesn’t matter if it’s just my boyfriend and me binge watching a bad Netflix series or hanging out with a bunch of my friends playing board games and laughing until my stomach hurts at some stupid joke that’s only funny at that specific time and place. Time for myself is also really important – if I’ve hung out with some friends on Friday night, I need to take Saturday off to do nothing and just take care of myself.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Nätverket för Sveriges Makeupartister is available for every working makeup artist and hair stylist in Sweden, no matter if you have your own company, is employed by someone or something in between. Our three levels of membership ranges from 0 to 349 SEK per month and you can find the offer that suits you and your needs the best. There is no curing period and you can up- or downgrade your membership at any time. All charges are fully tax deductible for members with their own business. You can find more information and a registration form on our website: www.sverigesmakeupartister.se.

Nätverket för Sveriges Makeupartister offers:

  • Articles and guides related to the makeup artist profession, the freelance industry and entrepreneurship
  • Printable templates for invoices, receipts, contracts and more
  • Discounts and premium offers on material, education and other services that make it easier to run your business in the industry
  • An insurance specifically developed to fit freelance makeup artists, no matter where you work or what you want to insure
  • Data on salaries, fees, work experience and more
  • Calculators to help you set fair prices on your services
  • Legal support, free of charge

Did you relate to Rebecka’s story? Kindly share your thoughts on the comment field below. Also feel free to be a part of “Be the Change You Want to See” campaign by sharing your story and how you can make an impact of the change you want to see.

Interview: by Versatility Beauty&Fashion

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