Each one teach one is a beautiful African proverb, meaning to teach and to share youre knowledge to other person who is eager to understand what you have learned in order for that person to learn, evolve and to then pass on the knowledge to the next. We at Versatility Beauty&Fashion are honored having the visionary and entrepreneurial beauty with a teaching heart Samira Gomes being a part of Be The Change You Want To See campaign. Samira shares her journey of being a student of Hyper Island seeing it as her opportunity on creating a change she wants to see within the tech community.

Tell us who Samira Gomes is?
Samira Gomes is a 20-year-old student, she tries to do a lot of things at once and is very stubborn. According to my classmate, I’m in a “launching phase” of my life. A lot of things are starting which is very exciting.

Tell us about your profession?
Right now, I’m carrying a bunch of titles. I’m a student, I’m studying Digital Media Creative at Hyper Island. I just started the second term which is a lot of fun! I’m a co-founder of an organisation called EmmsTechnology. EmmsTech’s vision is to inspire young women of colour to explore and grow in the tech world through workshops and meetups. We started last November so we’re still in the early stages of everything but we’ve already had two events and we’re headed to Hack for Sweden as event partners so it’s really taking of which makes me so happy. It’s also interesting to be part of organisations and companies that are new and so small, earlier I’ve had jobs in companies that have been running for quite a while so there was a sense of security in that but this is more exciting and fulfilling I would say. I also work weekends at a contact centre so that I can make some extra cash.

Through the campaign “Be the change you want to see” Versatility Beauty&Fashion wants to represent women who have found their purpose of being influential on the areas they want to make a change. Please share what you believe is your purpose and how you can make an impact of the area you would like to change?
I don’t think I realised what my purpose was until maybe late August last year. We had a workshop in school and I realised that my passion and the change I want to contribute to is that I want to help youths, especially women/girls of colour, to realise their full potential. I’ve seen tons of people who are super talented or have amazing ideas and visions and dreams but they weren’t able to create them because they lacked the resources, whether it was financial support, support from their community or government or just confidence in themselves.

To me, it doesn’t matter what field it’s in, beauty, sports or tech. I’m not even a very techy person myself, it’s not my passion even if I’ve got a few skills in it. However, I see the change it can have on peoples lives. I’ve seen people become billionaires because of their tech skills so I feel it’s important for the girls in the community that I come from to have that same opportunity. And I feel it’s up to me to show them that those opportunities are available for them as well, even if the society isn’t showing them that. I think the society we live in right now, everything happens so quickly. People say that fame and success don’t happen overnight but when we see somebody become successful, we see it as an overnight thing, we don’t see the sweat and tears behind it. And I think that can scare some people, at least me, because when things take too long you feel a bit defeated like, !wow, I’m never going to get to that level of success that I want”. So if I can help a girl who is feeling that way to take the first step towards this dream that she has like, “look, you’re not going to get there overnight, but we’re taking the first step right now and that’s amazing!”, then I think and hope I’ve made a bit of an impact.

Versatility Beauty&Fashion is for healthy and balanced lifestyle and through the Healthy Movement campaign our aspiration is to inspire our readers that there are versatile ways to achieve a balanced
healthy life. How do you find balance in your daily life and what do you do to maintain:

Healthy body
I’m terrible at working out. I hate running and cardio in general, I genuinely believe my body isn’t made for those things. But you can always find things that you enjoy. I love dancing. I wanted to be a dancer when I was younger! So I try to do that sometimes, whether it’s getting salsa lessons from my friend, Zumba classes at my gym or just going to a club on a Saturday and acting like a fool. It also ties into a healthy mind and soul. I’m getting better at eating healthy though. I’m eating more fish and vegetarian meals and even some vegan food. Mind you, I do love chicken and meat but I’m more aware now of that I put in my body and how it affects the rest of the world.

Healthy mind
I really enjoy reading. I was quite a big book nerd when I was younger. Now because I have so much going on, I rarely get time to do it. But I’m trying to implement a new habit of reading at least like 15 minutes, 3 times a week. It’s very small but considering I haven’t done it in a while, it’s good and then I’ll keep adding a little bit each day. I also try to hang out with my friends a bit more. Just sitting at a McDonalds and hanging out for a couple hours and talking about crazy stuff. Travelling is also nice. I’ve got a couple trips planned which keeps me sane and excited.

Healthy soul
I believe being aware of my purpose helps with having a healthy soul. With that, I’m able to make some very difficult choices somewhat easily. For example, I would love to work for some huge companies like Facebook or Google but I always need to look back at my purpose. Am I fulfilling it if I take this job? And maybe I am if I come in there and start making changes to the norms and open the door for other girls like me. But if I get offered a job where all I’m doing is helping the company make money, and I’m not fulfilling my purpose in any way, then I know that it’s going to make lose my mind and I can (somewhat) easily say no.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
It’s good to look ahead at your dreams, and visions, and all the things you want to achieve, but don’t forget to look back at your process and how far you’ve come. Where were you a year ago? Where were you 6 months ago? We’re constantly changing and evolving and it’s important to honour and celebrate that!

Did you relate to Samira’s story? Kindly share your thoughts on the comment field below. Also feel free to be a part of “Be the Change You Want to See” campaign by sharing your story and how you can make an impact of the change you want to see.

Interview: by Versatility Beauty&Fashion

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