I wish I could look like You!
I’m tired of being FAT!
I am so SKINNY. I am eating and eating and I still don’t gain any weight!
The Ideal of beauty is being CURVY!
The Ideal of beauty is being SKINNY!
The Ideal of beauty is being BLACK!
The Ideal of beauty is being WHITE!
I need to get suntanned!
I need to bleach of my dark skin!
I hate my NAPPY hair. The STRAGIHTER the better!
My hair is so dead and STRAIGHT. The CURLIER the better!
I have to get BIGGER eyes!
I have to get BIGGER lips!
My nose is too wide! I have to make it smaller!
Is my butt too big?
I have to get some ass-plant!
My BREASTS are so tiny. I need some in-plants!
My back hurts because of my large breasts!
I don’t like my freckles!
I want more freckles!
I wish I was a bit SHORTER!
I wish I was a little be TALLER!
I wish I could look like YOU!

Hey You! Yeah YOU! Isn’t it exhausting having these kind of negative thoughts affecting your beauty state of mind? If you have self-destructing state of mind about your beauty, you will never, ever be satisfied. And surely, people will notice that you are not happy with your OWN self.

“Nobody can tell you how you SHOULD look. Find YOUR ideal you. Then shake it ’till ya break it!” – Tyra Banks

Switch your beauty state of mind into a more positive way! Give yourself compliments DAY by DAY. When doing so, you will notice how much more confidant you will feel about yourself. See yourself as a Tree and your compliments as Water. When you give life to yourself, the beauty inside of you will not only make you feel beautiful, but the glow will make people notice you and give you complements about your true beauty.

Have a positive Beauty state of Mind!

/Charity Odum
Edtior in Chief
Versatility Beauty&Fashion