I was teased and bullied for my strong features especially by those whom I looked up too as a little girl (if you are reading this I have forgiven you). Since those I looked up too were teasing me daily for my big lips and big nose I had to find my own ways to defend myself when being teased by other kids.

Fast forward when studying at University of becoming media analyst, my master thesis was to analyse how ethnic models were being represented in Swedish beauty magazine. I came into conclusion that there was a hybrid of beauty that was being represented. Even if the majority of the models that were depicted in the magazines had “the ideal of Swedish/European beauty”, the ethnic models that were chosen with either African or Asian decent had features of the “Europeans”.

If you want to know more of my master thesis, kindly leave a comment below.

So you see, Versatility Beauty&Fashion is the aftermath of my master thesis. I created the online magazine in 2011, because I wanted to be the change I wanted to see: Creating an online magazine representing women with black, brown, white, freckled skin, curly, kinky, wavy straight hair, curvy, big, slim body, short or tall. And since beauty and health comes hand in hand I also wanted to write articles about embracing your inner beauty.

Today I fully love myself and adore my strong features. I am being the change I want to see; embracing my unique beauty gives me the power to inspire others to embrace theirs. And that is what I can do through this beautiful plattform.

And finally, knowing the fact of not needing spending money on fillers to make my lips larger, makes me feeling blessed of my natural one. For you see, the truth of the matter what is said to be a beauty standard or ideal of beauty comes and goes. Embracing Your unique and natural beauty is divine and personal. It is yours to keep.

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