According to Google a new research with Ipsos shows black millennials want to see more diversity of beauty in advertisements. This is because ads have always reflected on culture and would like to see more brands representing diversity. In addition, black millennials are more prone to buy products that takes a stand to race-related issues and they are also more likely to consider a brand that positively reflects black culture.

Social media plattforms, especially Instagram and YouTube has given people the power to change the game in the marketing. The minority has become majority in the media world and are making their voices heard with style and grace.


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I couldn’t agree more that there should be more versatility of beauty presented in advertisements. The absence of diversity in advertisements and magazines gave me the idea to create Versatility Beauty&Fashion in 2011. And in 2010 on my master’s dissertation I did a research on how ethnic models are represented in Swedish fashion and beauty magazines, which also gave me that extra push to create Versatility Beauty&Fashion. And as I speak for women with African decent around the world I love the fact we are breaking the barriers of black beauty and natural hair, that there are no such thing as one ideal beauty of any race. This is a way for us to inspire other ethnicities to embrace who they are and love their skin they are in.



Please share your thoughts on Google’s and Ipsos research of black millennials wanting more diversity represented in advertisements?

Regardless ethnicity are you more prone to products that takes a stand on race-related issues?

Please leave a comment below if you are interested to know more of my study!

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