Versatility Beauty&Fashion is the online magazine with every beauty in mind. Founded and created by Charity Raske in 2011.  The plattform was created with the determination of representing versatility of beauty and fashion as well as having the aspiration to inspire you to embrace your unique beauty.

Our vision is to erase the stereotypes and  “the ideal of beauty” being represented in mainstream media, which we believe could be one part of the negative perceptions most women have about themselves. Meaning always striving for someone else’s beauty will unconsciously create an unbalance of who you are, emotionally and mentally.

Versatility Beauty&Fashion’s desire is for you to be the reflection of your own beauty, embracing your whole self externally and internally. This is why we are proud of our  campaign Healthy You Movement having the ambition inspiring you to live healthier physically, emotionally and mentally.

We are here to communicate and are having conversations through seminars about the importance of diversity when it comes to beauty, fashion and healthy living.

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We are here to communicate and inspire for a better community, society and world. Contact and book us for collaboration and for seminars today!