Is your dream to look like Scarlett Johansson, Whitney Port, Jennifer Lopez, Selina Gomez, Beyoncé Knowles, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campell, Luicy Lui, Lui Weng, Joan Smalls, Gisele Bündchen, Heidi Klum, Adrianna Lima? Well keep on reading to get the greatest tip to make yourself look just like you’re the woman you particularly idealize.

Versatility Beauty&Fashion tips to look like a Hollywood star is to stop idealizing these superstars and instead look into yourself to boost your inner beauty. Yes the key behind feeling beautiful is being self aware and self-confident.

Boost and Embrace Yourself!

Take time to boost yourself to look into a mirror and tell yourself how magnificent, special, one of a kind and beautiful you are.


Write what you like about yourself and your positive personality under the title “What I like about myself!” or “The best thing about me!”.  Also write down compliments you have received from people. While you are writing you will automatically feel your confidence growing inside of you. Whenever you feel uncomfortable about yourself (which you shouldn’t) pick up the note read, exhale, embrace and smile!

Love your Body!

Pay attention to the part of your body you mostly get compliments for and “spoil it”. If it is your legs take extra good care of them, show them off with tight jeans, short and classy skirt or wear high heels that highlights your sexy legs.

legsfordatvbfIf you get complements about you hair don’t be afraid to be creative with your it– that is wearing different hairstyles. Give your hair extra deep conditioning treatments or visit your hairstylist/hair saloon to give you a proper treatment for your type of hair.

Spoil yourself!

To spoil yourself on your everyday life is a perfect way to boost your confidence. However it doesn’t mean it has to cost much. Just do little things like painting your nails, wearing lipstick more often to boost that womanly you.

Change your closet!

As we all should know bodies come in different shapes. Some women are slim all their lives and some get curvier the older they get and that is part of the nature. Therefore as your body changes it is important for you to let go of the clothsize you wore when you were 10 years old and instead buy clothes that will actually highlight your beautiful body.

Shape your Body-shape!


Regardless body-shape working-out is a good way to boost your confidence; it makes you in a better mood, your appearance gets better and your confidence improves. If you are a new beginner, start with 20mintes workout 3 days/week for a month. After your first month increase your workout time and/or days in a week.  And when you do, you will notice that your body will crave for more food.  And since you are taking care of your body, you will automatically want to dump the junk food and start eating healthier. If you ever feel unmotivated to workout, rest for few days. During those days remind yourself that working out is better than weightpills, plastic surgary and botox! It is a  good way for you to be positive and a great shortcut for a better confidence.


Remeber Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. Come on ladies discover the Champion in You!

Text: Charity Odum