Can you agree that we sometimes forget why we actually eat food? We basically eat with our eyes and to mainly satisfy our belly. We simply eat for pleasure. However, the reality is that we actually eat for our organs. Eating more greens for healthier body is not a news, but we like to remind ourselves to eat more greens and how healthy it is both for our bodies and organs and also for our mother nature.

We at Versatility Beauty&Fashion want to share a simple veggie recipe that we like to call:

Hazelnut mixed salad with scrambled eggs and cottage cheese
vegetarian recipes

The recipe
2 handfull mixed sallad
2 handfull Ruccula
3 tomatoes
1 handfull hassle nuts
1 can of maize
8-10 mushrooms

2-3 eggs
1/4 tea spoon of salt
1/4 teaspoon of peppar

2 spoons of cottage cheese

Mix both mixed sallad and ruccola and clean with water thoroughly. Cut the tomatoes and the mushrooms in squares and mix the rest of the ingredients in a sallad bowl. Add Olive oil and Apple cider vinegar for taste and moisture.

vegetarian recipes

Mix the eggs in a separate bowl with salt and peppar.  Scramble the eggs as desired with olive- or peanut oil on a frying pan for 2-3 min.

Pour the ingredients as desired on a plate and bon appetit!

vegetarian recipes

We hope you would love to try this recipe. Please share if you do and if you liked it on the comment field bellow.


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