The mening “Have faith in the middle” has been playing over and over again in my head after I have been listening to a podcast discussing about how we people tend to have strong faith when we take our first step to reach our goal(s) and how stronger it becomes when we have achieved it.  But having faith in the middle makes us somehow questioning ourselves why we even took that first step to begin with?

To have faith in the middle can be understood in different ways, but for me, how I interpret the meaning is to have patience.

I have always seen myself as being “The expert” of being patience when it comes to do something I really want to achieve.  I still do, but I do feel more and more that my strength of faith fades away at times and it makes me so upset since I know that I know I have faith, I know that having patience builds character and that I will reach that goal I have set my mind on.

Maybe when my faith fades the force of the universe actually wants me to have more patience so that I can truly embrace my achievement(s) of whatever I set my mind to? Maybe when my faith fades away in the middle that the force of the universe is trying to remind me to appreciate of what I have in the now? Or maybe the force of the universe wants me to have balance between those two mind sets of having faith in the middle?


What about you?

What does “faith in middle” means to you?


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