Instagram is evolving and we see versatility of beauty and fashion are being represented. It is a beautiful view since we see how the people are changing the perspective of what beauty truly is. We are also enjoying how people inspire others to find the balance of living and living a healthy life.

Versatility Beauty&Fashion previously shared influencers and photographers we love to follow on Instagram. To continue “the series” here are three fitness personalities we love to gaze on Instagram, but also embracing their inspiration of living a balanced healthy lifestyle.

angela manuel davis
Angela Maunel Davis is a motivational coach and fitness evangelist from the US. “The creator of the universe breathed life into me and created me to speak life into others. Through obedience to my call, I discovered a dynamic equation, faith + fitness = freedom.” Angela shares on her interview with Super Soul 100.


Jennifer Beatrice Winter is the creator and the founder of Bodywheel in Stockholm, Sweden. She literally shows how to balance your body on a wheel for stronger core, balance and strength.


Apart from loving her work out and food tips she shares on her Instagram account, we enjoy following Sofia Ståh as she shares inspring quotes of reminding her followers of how crucial it is to live healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Please share if you also like to follow these fitness personalites and share why you do.

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