There’s nothing wrong to use the word No!
People who truly Love you will not try to control you. People who truly Love you are going to want you to make the decision that you feel is Best for YOU!

Not the decision that will be best for them. – Joyce Meyer


What are your first thoughts when you read this quote?

My first reaction when I heard this quote was the importance of Relationship; Either it is relationship with your partner, family (or a family-member), friends, co-woker, classmate(s).

The importance of relation according to me is to feel free. The feeling of freedom is when you are yourself whenever you are with the person you have relationship with. You are simply not comfortable with yourself when someone constantly tells you what you should do in order to satisfy his or her own needs. What about your needs?


Just imagine if you tell the person that constantly controls you to do something, that person will dislike it. The reason for that is because that person will never do anything for you, unless it is for her or his best interests. When someone always decides what you should do eventually you will end up never knowing what is best for yourself. You will always be dependent on that person.


In my opinion, every human being have the right to feel the feeling of independence. The feeling of independence will make you shine of joy and being confident of who you simply are. And the best part is when you know your own worth you will treat yourself and others with great love.


Simply, a person has no right to use or control you; likewise you don’t have the right to do the same thing with anyone. A true relationship is based on love and love is freedom and freedom will make you love for eternity.


Text: Charity Odum