If you are an active person and workout regularly you probably wash your hair with shampoo in order to remove the salt that comes from sweating. But what if you are an active person and have the hairtype that doesn’t require daily shampoo-wash? Why this question is asked is because women with natural hairtypes coily and curly (even wavy)  should not wash their hair daily. In fact if washing coily or culry hair daily with shampoo it will become very dry and brittle. Hence, women with coily and curly hair should wash their hair 1-2/2-3 times in a week.

So if you are an active person and have these hairtypes you should definitely note or bookmark this great haircare tip after work out I got inspired from the healthy/fitness/naturalhair blogger HeyFranHey.

The products that Fran recommends to use, to get that fresh hair and scalp after working out are essential oil peppermint oil and carrier oil jojoba oil.

The peppermint oil will give you a fresh scent and cooling affect on the scalp. Apart from the peppermint oil giving a stimulating fresh scent, it is anti bacterial, which means it will break through build-ups and toxicity. But most importantly peppermint oil will break through the salt from sweating. Salt is what gives the odor on your hair after working out. Peppermint oil is essential oil that simply restores the PH balance on your scalp. However using it alone can be very harsh to the scalp. Therefore if you plan to use essential oil for body or haircare it is recommended to mix it with carrier oil. Study shows that jojoba oil is close to our natural body oil sebum. Jojba oil is therefore the perfect carrier oil to add to the peppermint oil in order to soften and moisturize the scalp and the hair. 


Now in order for you to mix both of the oils you need an empty spray bottle. Pour in few drops of peppermint oil as mush you think you will use and than pour in jojoba oil in the spray bottle and shake it. After shower, part your hair in 4-5 section and spray it on your scalp, massage in few mintues and voila you have a fresh hair and scalp. Be caution to not spray too mush so that it won’t get oily.


Since my hairtype is coily and I love to work out I had to try this oil mix. So last week I bought the oils from the health food store Grynningen at folkungagatan in Stockholm. You can also purcase the oils at the onlinestore Bodystore. The spray bottle is from Åhlens. 


I have worked out four times last week and have used the pepparmint-jojoba oil mix after all those  times. I can definitely recommend it! Not only did it made my scalp feel fresh and cooling but the scent of the peppermint really relaxed my mind.  What I also love about this oil mix is that studies have shown the mixture of peppermant with jojoba oil is known to promote hair growth. Talking about great motivation to work out for healthy body and hair!

What do you ladies think of heyfranhey temporary solution for fresh hair and scalp after working out?

If you will try the oil mix dont hesitate to share your thoughts about it!

Charity Odum

Editor in Chief

Versatility Beauty&Fashion