Climate change is real and the next generation already have a strong leader who has inspired and motivated the younger generation to pressure government across the world to take the climate change seriously. We at Versatility Beauty&fashion can not really describe our emotions towards Greta Thunberg, other than we are astonished of her purpose she is committed and determined to act upon, which is saving the Earth.

Greta Thunberg a Swedish teenager by the age of 16, a climate activist and true leader is the face of Time magazine, May edition  – for the campaign “Next Generation Leaders” .

In the interview with Time Magazine, Greta shares her journey of being the change she wants to see, from how she felt a tremendous pain after reading reports and studies about the negative changes of the climate at the age of 11 and turned the pain into her power. Using that power as her purpose of starting school strike against climate crises in 2018, which motivated thousands of other students around the world joining Greta locally, globally both in real life and on social media, to put pressure on the government around the world. In the interview-article you can also read how Greta inspired her parents to become climate friendly such as eating Vegan based food, travelling by train and more.

Make sure to read  Greta Thunberg´s interview with Time Magazine here.

Versatility Beauty&Fashion salutes Greta for her courage and for inspiring and challenging us all to take action for the sake of the planet and for every being living on this earth.

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