Regradless of the hairtype, every other woman wants to have the so called “LONG-HAIR-DONT-CARE”.  The truth is, if you hair is not healthy and you are not taking good care of it, you will never see you hair growing. I have been there and it took a while for me to really figure out what my coily tresses need to get strong and healthy as I think it is now compare to 2,5 years ago.

I know now that my hair craves for moisture and especially during winter cold season. Therefore it is vital for me to deep condition my hair every week. But sometimes you need that little extra help to make the deep conditioning treatment really moisturize your hair.

So I came across this product Hair Therapy Wrap – a cordless thermal turban heat wrap that will help to open the hair cuticles and will assist the deep conditioner penetrate further in.

hair wrap therapy hair wrap therapy2

I purchased it online and decided to make a review of it. But before we get into to that, what I really love about this product is that Hair Therapy Wrap is recommended forall hair types and textures. As the editor in chief of Versatility Beauty&Fashion, I give this product an extra plus, because they have every hairtype and textures in mind!

Now back to the review.

hair wrap therapy3

  1. After I have shampooed my tresses and detangled it with conditioner, I saturated my kinky coily hair with deep conditioner and detangled the hair again.
  2. Before putting the HairTherapyWrap on, you have to cover your hair with a plastic cap, that will prevent from the conditioner dripping on your face during the treatment as well as keeping the steaming moisture inside the cap that comes from the heat of the HairTherapyWrap. A great tip is to wear the cap while you are heating the gel package (that comes along with the productwith) inside the hair therapy wrap in microwave.
  3. When the hair therapy wrap is hot as you desire place it over the plastic cap. Criss cross the tails firmly for a snug filt and than secure the double velcro on top of the turban. 
  4. I let it sit for 20-30min. After I have done the treatment I rinse my hair with luke-warm/cool water.

My perspective of the product is that I felt a difference than just using deep conditioning alone. With therapy wrap I felt it made my hair feel more soft and moisturized. One thing though is that I wish they could create one more gelpack for the back of the head, so that the whole scalp can get treated. Other than that I am pleased with the product.

Do you own a hair therapy wrap? Please feel free to share your thoughts about the product.

Text: Charity Odum

Photo: taken by Charity Odum