Working out has always been a part of my life style and I love to try new work out methods to keep my motivation for exercise above and beyond.


I am an active runner and jogging outdoors has always been a part of my work out routine that works best for me since I enjoy having a body that is in great condition. I mostly run 3-4 km two-three times a week either in high speed or in intervals. However this year of 2015 I will decrease the times I go out jogging and increase my jogging distance to 5-7km. This I believe will make me stay motivated and also prepare me for long distance running competitions (5K-10K) I will participate in Stockholm, Sweden.


2014 was the year I made Yoga as my work out business. I actually practice yoga at home together with Tara Stiles on YouTube. I have practised the basics in Yoga, but will challenge myself to do more complex Yoga methods. My goal with Yoga however is to achieve stronger and more flexible body than I have today.


I want my body to look more fit and will challenge myself to do cardio exercises. The one that I will try out is cardio exercise for fit abs:

10 push ups
20 sit ups
25 squats
20 lunges
80 jumping jacks
60 seconds wall-sit

The thought of this cardio work out makes me sweaty already!


I normally don’t follow any diet, because I (in my opinion) am already eating healthy. I can eat cakes, sweets and chocolate but mainly on the weekends. However, since I want to be healthier this year of 2015 I will eat more vegetables than usual and will also try out the 10 days juice cleanse this month of January.

I hope my healthy body goals for 2015 has inspired you! I would love to hear your healthy body goals and tips for 2015. Please join the Healthy movement with Veresatility Beauty&Fashion 2015 and share your healthy body goals here on the comment field or at social media using the hashtag #healthymovementvbf2015


Stay tuned to read about my healthy soul goals for 2015!

Text: by Charity Odum

Images: designed by Charity Odum

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