My healthy body goals of 2016 is primarily to feel good about myself and secondary to have a strong and flexible body. To keep myself motivated of working out I always make sure that I am  creative with it;

  • Cardio work out for strength and condition
  • Running long distant races for condition
  • Practising yoga for strength, movement and flexibility
  • Dance  for condition and creativity

Now that I have presented my workout routine, I also want to share that I will challenge myself  when it comes to running and my flexibility.

Last year of 2015  I ran 1 long distance race which was 5k. This year I will challange myself to run two-four 5k and/10k races in Stockholm Sweden.

Me so excited before running a 5k long distance race few years ago.
Me so excited before running a 5k long distance race few years ago.

Another challenge I look more forward to is to do a full side split before summer 2016 and front split before the ending of this year. Therefore I believe that focusing on flexibility through Yoga will help me to get there.

This is my current side split.
This is my current side split.

I hope my healthy body goals for 2016 has inspired you! I would love to hear your healthy body goals and tips for 2016. Please join the Healthy movement with Veresatility Beauty&Fashion 2016 and share your healthy body goals here on the comment field or at social media using the hashtag #healthymovementvbf2016. 

healthy movement 2016

If you want to be part fo the split front or side challange as well please use the hashtag #splitchallangevbf2016

Stay tuned to read about my healthy soul goals for 2016!

Text: by Charity Odum

Images: designed by Charity Odum