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2010 was the year I decided to fully embrace my natural hair. But before than I had no desire to know how my real hair looked like. I knew that my hair was thick and tight curly/coily but my desire as a little girl I wanted to have straight or wavy hair like the Disney Princesses and RnB artists such Mariah Carey, Aliyaah, Ciara, the ladies in Destiny’s Child. Therefore, since I was a child my hair was straight relaxed and braided with hair extensions and as I got older I started visiting hair saloon to not only straight relax my hair, but to also sew in real human hair to get that bouncy and long wavy hair.

So what made me come to grips to stop straight relaxing my hair and instead fully embrace my natural hair? Well there were many reasons. It started from the thought of:

  • What if my hair turns gray and then I have to add more chemicals to my hair?
  • When my future daughter enters to this world am I really being her role model when it comes to embracing her natural God-given curls?
  • Is it possible to make my hair long without chemical relax my coils?

As those thoughts were running in my mind, I started to do research on Google and came across the blog Black girl with long hair where there were images of women with African decent with long natural hair. Some of them were vlogging on YouTube sharing their journey on growing out their natural hair. The vlogger I immediately fell in-love with was Maeling Murphy also known as  Natural Chica , where she did the Big Chop and shared her hair regimen and journey on achieving long natural hair on YouTube. I also came across other YouTube-vloggers such as  Taren Guy, Naptural85, Hey Fran Hey and was inspired by their natural hair journey and hair regimen as well.

natural hair

When I discovered this natural hair community, I knew in my heart  I wanted to stop chemical treat my hair, but really didn’t take the step until I saw the amusing yet educating movie Good Hair by Chris Brown and Esperanza Spalding‘s big natural afro hair when she was performing at the Nobel Peace Prize December 2009.

esperanza spalding

So I decided to completely stop chemical relax my hair February 2010, but still went to salon for weave sew-ins and cornrows. On June 2010 I big chopped my hair and started to take care of my natural hair on my own.

natural hair twa

My hair was growing and I was happy – but after 3 years of being natural, I started to realize my hair was shedding and breaking. The problem wasn’t the products that I was using, it was basically my technique of taking care of my hair. My hair regimen when my hair was tiny winy afro didn’t work anymore and the most scary of all is that I wasn’t trimming my ends at all!!! I changed my technique and regimen in 2013, which was to trim my ends every 3-4 months, finger combing, braided and/or twisted my hair with hair extensions on winter and summer seasons.

So my healthy hair goals for 2015 ladies (and gentlemen) is to achieve stronger and healthier natural hair. Therefore I will challenge myself to wear protective hair style box-braids up till 7-8 weeks until june 2015, which means I have then hit 5 years of being fully natural. When the time is in to unbraid the box-braids I will trim my hair if needed and re-braid it again. While wearing my box-braids I will properly take care of my scalp, for instance massaging it with light and moisturizing carrier oil such as coconut oil. When it is time for wash-day I will deep condition my hair using Huetiful Hair Steamer that will both moisturize my box-braided hair and scalp!

I hope my healthy hair goals for 2015 has inspired you! I would love to hear your healthy hair goals and tips for 2015. Please join the Healthy movement with Veresatility Beauty&Fashion 2015 and share your healthy hair goals here on the comment field or at social media using the hashtag #healthymovementvbf2015

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Text: by Charity Odum
Images: 1, 4, 5 taken by Charity Odum
Image: 2 designed by Charity Odum
Video: filmed by Charity Odum

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