The intentions of living in the now has always been essential for me. For whatever I do I want it to be meaningful. Whoever I talk to I want it to be inspiring and up-lifting. Sometimes I like conversations that are challenging since for what I know it will only make you grow and expand knowledgeably.

Being and living in the now should be easy as it is the truth and is the reality of your time. The past is memory and is nothing you can change. The future does not yet exist but as you live in the now you are creating and shaping your future.

All I want to do is to live in the moment, in the now as best as I can. How I know for sure I am in the present moment is when I challenge myself to be better in whatever I set my mind to, especially when it comes to healthy living. And when I do my aspiration is to share my healthy journey online of living healthy, physically, spiritually and mentally to inspire you who are reading this. The only thing is that I have been failing sharing it here on this beautiful online magazine. But hey life is about failing forward to succeed. What does failing forward even mean? Will Smith has a great way to explain what it is to be Failing Forward.

So from this October month I will continue the campaign Healthy Movement with Versatility Beauty&Fashion sharing my healthy journey. Furthermore, the purpose of this campaign is to also share other people’s healthy journey in order to demonstrate healthy living is diverse. Read previous interviews here!

Thank you for following my healthy journey. Will be looking forward to follow yours. Feel free to join the Healthy Movement with Versatility Beauty&Fashion 2018.