Happy New Year 2016!

A new year, a new beginning and new dreams and plans to achieve, moreover new chances to fulfill your goals you may have not had the chance to get done in 2015.

Today is Exact a year ago Versatility Beauty&Fashion created the campaign Healthy movement with Versatility Beauty&Fashion 2015 and it has been more than exciting – the campaign was to simply underline that there are different ways to live a healthy lifestyle and that there are variety of ways on how to achieve it. There is simply no one ideal of healthy living. Therefore I am honored that there were women across the world that freely participated on sharing their ways to live a healthy life and also their goals to live a healthier life journey.

You can read interviews with the ladies regarding their healthy life journey from 2015 by clicking here.

I also did share my healthy journey regarding hair, soul and body the year of 2015 here.

What I can share of my healthy journey in 2015 when it comes to healthy body goals is what I am mostly proud of my achievement is that my Yoga skills are upgraded and that my work out is diverse which has resulted in stronger and flexible body.

Now of course healthy movement will continue this year of 2016!


My aim to achieve healthier body,hair and soul this year of 2016 are following:

Healthy body
• Eat more for my organs than only for my belly and to drink more water than usual.
• Keep on running long distance, doing cardio workouts and practice yoga. However this year of 2016 I have added an old but new creative work out form into my fitness work out routine and that is:

Healthy hair
• Last year I did over moisturize my hair and I did not wear so much protective styles as I said I would do in 2015, instead I frequently wore tight, high afro puffs, which resulted in hair breakage. Therefore this year of 2016 my natural hair regimen is to re-balance my hair with protein and moisture treatments and to wear protective hair style box braids.

Healthy soul
• Prayer and meditation!

I hope after reading the interviews and the concept of the healthy movement with Versatility Beauty&Fashion will inspire you to join the Healthy Movement with Versatility Beauty&Fashion 2016.

Feel free to share your ways to live a healthy lifestyle and/or your goals to achieve healthier lifestyle this year of 2016 on the comment field down below. You can also share your healthy life journey on social media by using the hashtag #healthymovemntvbf2016.

Lets come together and enjoy the movement!

Text: By Charity Odum

Photo: designed by Charity Odum

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