It is new year and we are almost at the end of January. I hope your start of 2017 has been healthy in many ways. Regardless of what is happening in the world I am determined to continue to run Versatility Beauty&Fashion 3rd annual of Healthy Movement with Versatility Beauty&Fashion 2017 to inspire you ladies that there are versatility  ways of living a healthy life.

My 2016 healthy movement journey  could have been better especially when it comes to taking time to heal and refresh my soul. However, what I am proud of my healthy journey last year is I did my second big chop for the hopes to grow out my Natural hair healthier. I am also happy that I took dance classes.


In this year of 2017 my goals to achieve healthier soul, body and hair are following:

Healthy soul

  • Read more books to expend my intellectual mind and soul
  • Be creative with photography and painting
  • Meditate and visualize more
  • Pray often
  • Set boundaries
  • Enjoy life
  • Live for purpose on purpose

Healthy body

  • Work out 3-5 days a week
  • Practise Yoga to increase my body flexibility
  • Take baby naps more often
  • Eat more greens and veggies

Healthy hair

  • Wear protective hair style such as Senegalian-twists for maximum 3 weeks
  • Protein deep condition my hair once a month
  • Deep condition my hair together with Huetiful hair steamer or with Hair wrap therapy for maximize moisture
  • Visit hair saloon for regular trims and hair care check ups

I hope I have inspired you to join the Healthy Movement with Versatility Beauty&Fashion 2017.


Feel free to share your ways to live a healthy lifestyle and/or your goals to achieve healthier lifestyle this year of 2017 on the comment field down below. You can also share your healthy life journey on social media by using the hashtag #healthymovemntvbf2017.

Lets come together and enjoy the movement!

Text: By Charity Odum

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