“Once upon a time, there was a tadpole living deep down in water-well.
The water in the water-well was the best thing the tadpole ever knew. The tadpole loved it so much and thought that the water in the water-well was the only water that existed. The tadpole loved the way the water changed colors to light blue, blue, dark blue and sometimes green-blue, gray- blue and purple-blue. She was so focused on the water that she ignored everything else that was surrounded by her. As the tadpole grew older to a teenage frog she enjoyed swimming more and more on the surface of the water, but swimming under the water was everything to her. As she was spending more time on the surface she noticed that there was a light coming from above. She looked up and got frightened of the light and through herself under the water. She promised herself that it was best for her to stay under the water, because there she felt safe.

But as the year goes by the curiosity of what the light was  grew bigger inside the frog. The frog that was no longer a teenage frog came up to the surface of the water and starred into the light. As she was staring into the light she wondered what the light was and how she could reach to the light. As she was thinking, she noticed that there was a wall she was surrounded by. She swam to the wall and touched it. As she did she took one grip with her left hand and another with her right hand and another with her right foot and another with her left foot and noticed that she was climbing on the wall of the water well. As she was slowly climbing she noticed that the light became stronger and stronger.

As she reached at the top of the water-well, she drew herself up and sat on the corner of the water-well and was amazed of the light, that was a sun. She was amazed by it and felt how the light embraced her beautifully that she was no longer afraid of the light. As she was looking away from the sun she suddenly noticed a space just as clear blue as the water in the water-well she lived in. The blue space that was a sky made her feel comfortable. As the frog took her eyes of from the sky and slowly looked down on the ground she noticed something familiar as the water in the water well, but the water on the ground was wide and long. She was so amazed that there was actually water outside the water-well she grew up in. So she jumped of the water-well and played in the wide and long water, that was a river. As she did, she followed the river stream, jumped and played and was so happy over the wide and long water.

But as she was jumping and playing in the river she suddenly noticed that the river was getting wider and wider. And as curious the frog was she jumped faster, faster and faster and suddenly stopped. The water that was wide and long was now exceedingly and abundantly wide. The frog felt so surprised but yet amazed that she didn’t hesitate to jump into the exceedingly and abundantly wide water, that was an ocean. The ocean made her realize who she truly was and than called the ocean her new home.”

So what does the story of the frog has to do with my healthy soul goals for 2015? Before I share my perspective of the story and why it inspires me to achieve healthier soul this year of 2015 , I would love to hear from you:

What is your perspective of the story of the frog?

Did the story of the frog inspire you or give you a vision in one/several areas of your life?

Please share on the comment field down bellow. 

Stay tuned for my perspective of the story and why it inspires me.

Story: inspired by Joel Osteen 

Text: by written Charity Odum

Images: designed by Charity Odum

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