If working out is a new thing for you, you’ll notice you’ll get more hungry than you used too. And the harder and often you work out the more your body will crave for food. YES! There is no way your body will tell you to eat less when you work out. Your body needs more energy to give you that Power for your future work outs. Starving and working out has NEVER and NEVER will be a way to achieve a healthy body. Even though you don’t work out you need to eat to function as a human being.

As you start working out you will have more desire to eat healthier. But don’t be afraid to eat food that contains carbohydrates. And most importantly you’ll notice your body will desire to drink less sugar-based moisture and drink more pure moisture, which is water.

Remember working out is about taking care of your body not about loosing weight. Your body is beautiful. Take care of it. Embrace it. Work out, eat healthy and stay moisturized.

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