Happy New Year of 2015! How I am exited about 2015, because I really want to inspire you with my New Year goals, which is to become healthier with my body, hair and soul.

Healthier Body

I work out regularly and have never followed any diet program and never will. I create my own, which is to eat healthy food, drink water regularly and enjoy cake/cany only on the weekends. However this year of 2015 I want my body to look and feel healthier. Therefore I will try different work out methods where I will achieve fit, strong and flexible body and also eat more green than usual.

Healthier Spirit

I have always been a spiritual person and have been aware of what I feed my mind and soul with. And this year I have set goals that I want my spirit to grow even more.

Healthier Natural Hair

In February 2010 I decided to stop chemical relax my hair and let my coily-curls to be natural. The journey of growing out my natural hair has been a  roller coaster for me. My focus was to mainly achieve long hair and I still do. However I have decided that 2015 is the year I will achieve stronger and healthier natural hair.

So how will I achieve my healthy goals? Well I hope you are inspired and curious enough to join me in the movement of Healthy movement with Versatility Beautu&Fashion 2015.



Join the movement today and feel free to share your goals on how you will achieve healthy body, soul and hair in the year of 2015 with Versatility Beauty&Fashion on Facebook, InstagramTwitter and Google+ using the hashtag #healthymovementvbf2015!

Let us come together and enjoy the movement!

Text: by Charity Odum

Photo: designed by Charity Odum


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