Threading is an ancient hair removal method and where it is originated from is still unknown, but threading has been used in India, Middle East and Southeast Asia in more than 5000 years.  In the old Persia (today’s Iran) threading was practiced on girls who had reached adolescence; it was a way to wish the teenager luck to find her prince charming and to get married.  Traditionally threading is for shaping the eyebrows but even removing facial hair; over lip, cheeks, sideburn etc.

Threading is not only for women, but also for men that wants to shape their beard, hair on the neck and eyebrows that has grown together.


The popularity of threading is growing across the western world, but the development is going slow, especially in Sweden. In Stockholm, there are few beauty salons that are practicing threading professionally  – one of them is the hair and beauty salon Natticole.

To be continued…

Text: Charity Odum