What an honor it is to have had the chance to interview this mindfull and natural kind of lady. Meet the beautiful Anna Akyere who is the founder of epic and creative fashion and beauty tumblr blog urbanna and also the founder of the blog www.annamindscape.com. Anna shares her thoughts about the modelling and fashion industry and her experiences of modelling. Apart from that she gives advice on how to treat curly and kinky hair with tender love and care. 


Who is Anna Akyere?
Actually my real full name is Anna Araba Akyerè Abraham-Reynolds. I am a young woman in 25 years of age living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I try to be very optimistic in life and love to hang out with my family, my boyfriend and my friends. As a Fashion student Im very curious and love to learn new techniques, new ways and meeting new inspiring people and brands.

Tell us about your blog  www.annamindscape.com?
7 years ago I made a tumblr account and got really addicted to it. Then Instagram came along and at first I used Instagram as a tool to edit my pictures and post them on my tumblr. Then all of a sudden in short period of time my instagram account got a lot of followers. I decided last year that I should make a platform where all my interest that I post on tumblr and instagram, should come together. Thats when www.annasmindscape.com was born. Its a personal platform about travel expierences, events, collaborations and styles. Im also really into talking about identity so my website is also starting to get a platform where different people can get a voice.

How would you describe your inner beauty?
I am kind of a people pleaser. So when it comes to my friendships and family I always try to be there for them every way possible I can. When I love, I love hard. That makes me very loyal and trustworthy, I think thats what defines my inner beauty.


What do you love about your beauty?
When I think of beauty I dont really think of features or mainly the outside appearance. I believe your outside appearance gets manipulatied by how you are on the inside. So what I love about my own beauty is that my true identity shows. I really feel that I look just the way I feel on the inside. My identity is my beauty. I love that I can make people happy just by being present in their life and putting a smile on their face.


Every girls dream is to become famous in entertainment industry. As we all know in the modeling and fashion world is a very hard industry and is not as glamorous as it may seem to be. Four years ago, the documentary called “The Color of Beauty” about an African Canadian model named Renee who’s struggling through New York’s top agencies in the hopes to be a part of New York Fashion Week 2008. Furthermore, in the documentary a model agent uttered that if they ever hire a black model she has to look like a white girl dipped in chocolate. What are your thoughts about the mentality they have in the fashion industry? Have you ever experienced the same kind of bad treatment as Renee?
I feel so sad reading these kind of stories, but I am actually not really surprised that it still happens.I dont like to call myself a model, I just model sometimes, but I  dont want to define myself as a model .

The modelling jobs Ive done were mostly commercial and in the commercial industry you have different standards than in the big fashion industry. What Ive noticed is that I got a lot of bookings because they needed a “coloured ” model. And often they would have a blonde, brunette and me. It’s almost like they want me just because they wanted a coloured model. But not me, it could easily be any other coloured model. At some point I started decline to some jobs. I now only want to get booked for being me and not just because I am coloured/mixed.




The most bad expierence Ive had was when the people that booked me talked bad about my hair. Also because the backstage team didnt have a clue what to do with my hair. And also Ive expierenced hearing other models talk about how “beautiful mixed people are” when you’re the only one in the room. It makes you feel fetishized, and you’re always being compared to other mixed or coloured people. But luckily the good and really fun model experiences out weigh the bad. And I dont like to focus on those bad expierences. I nicely try to get the conversation about those topic started when people say comments like that. It doesnt make me mad or anything, but I do feel obligated to let them know what they’re actually saying and make them aware. I hope the bigger part of the fashion industry /media changes, because the real representation of the world is simply not just white! Im glad Beyonce finally got the world talking!

Beyonce Formation 2016

What do you love the most when it comes to your beautiful hair?
I love that its different every day, even when I use the same method/products.
The weather and how I physically and emotionally feel has its effects on my hair. My hair is kinda like me, Im versatile and hard to be tamed.


What three things would you recommend for women with curly/coily hair?

  • Drink lots of water! I still struggle with this sometimes especially now that its winter, but when I drink a lot of water I notice a big difference!
  • Condition your hair every week and deep condition or hot oil treatment your hair when your hair is dry
  • Sleep on a satin pillow case or with a satin scarf. Mine always falls off during sleep so I still need that satin pillow case. Holla if you know a nice one!


What three things would you not recommend women with curly/coily hair?

  • Dont comb you hair when dry! It breaks off
  • Dont color you hair to often. Ive had red hair, all kinds of different browns, even went blonde and every time I regret doing it. My hair get so dry, it breaks off so fast and I get split ends. I love my natural hair color now and dont want it in any other way.


  • Also dont shampoo your hair to much. I was my hair every 2 weeks and in lazy times sometimes even 3 weeks

In 2011 Versatility Beauty&Fashion interviewed the famous natural hair stylist Felicia Leatherwood. One of the questions Versatility Beauty&Fashion asked her was what she thought about the trend amongst women with coily or curly hair becoming natural. She responded that in her perspective becoming natural is not a trend, but more as a movement. Do you agree or disagree with Felicia Leatherwood statement about becoming natural is a movement?
First of all I love Felicia Leatherwood. I felt really honored when I met her at the Natural black hair event in Amsterdam. And I agree with her, trends fade, but movements make a long term difference! One time the elevator at my school was decorated with 70 ‘s disco stuff. (Im in artschool so these things happen) I got in the elevator to go to my classroom and someone said, ‘So you’re all in the disco trend?’ And I replied. ‘My hair is not a trend. ‘  she didnt really knew what to say. But I think people say stuff like ‘ natural hair is a trend, afro’s are a trend ‘ withouth thinking what it really means. My hair texture isnt a trend just like skincolour isnt.

2013 was the year when the ideal of a woman body strong is the new skinny. Versatility Beauty&Fashion is pro-health and believes that working-out is the best medicine you can ever give to your body and soul.  But some women are taking it to the extreme and most women (and unfortunately teen age girls) are inspired to use a work out method, which is to manipulate or enhance the body to become hourly-shaped that many celebrities are promoting on social media instagram such as Amber Rose, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian West and her sisters Kourtney Kardashian and  Khloe Kardashion. What are your thoughts about today’s attitude of the ”new” ideal of a womans body?
I havent really shaped my oppinion on that subject yet. I did got a promotion offer onces, to promote that, but I said no because its not really something I think I need. I want to promote stuff that I think suits me as a person. But I wont judge people for using it if it makes them feel better about their body or if it works for them, why not? I think its unhealthy when you use it too much and your body shape doesnt look natural anymore. But thats with everything in life, you shouldnt over due things. We dutch people say’ doe alles met mate’.

How often do you work out/ how often do you think one should work out to feel good?
I work out once a week and go for a run, mostly 5 to 7 km. My goal is to run 3 times a week and get that 10 km. But because of my astma and busy schedule working out is not “relevant” for me now.

The Healthy movement with Versatility Beauty&Fashion is a campaign where we want to inspire women around the world to set goals for achieving healthy hair, healthy body and healthy soul(inner beauty) this year of 2016. If you would like to join the movement what would your goals be to achieve

  • Healthier body
  • Healthier hair
  • Healthier soul (inner beauty)

this year of 2016?
I love to have goals in life but i dont like to plan ahead. Life has his way of surprising you. So I never made new years resolutiobs for example. I’ll answer them in general.

  • Healthier body: drinking more water and try to run more often
  • Healthier hair: buy that satin pillow case! And no more dying my hair
  • Healthier soul: finding parts of myself in the new people I meet

In which social media can one find you?

Instagram: @annasmindscape
Website: www.annasmindscape.com
Tumblr: urbanna

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Thank you for approching me! And love the questions, looking forward to reading other queens their interviews! Much love and light.

Interview by: Versatility Beauty&Fashion

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