To self-hate your own hair texture has been a very huge issue amongst women with curly and kinky hair. This took its root from the colonial time when the ideal of hair was straight and wavy. The curly, and especially kinky hair was classified as ugly hair. In 1960s women (and men) in the US let their hair grow naturally to make a statement that curly and kinky hair is beautiful and that these hair types are also good hair! Unfortunately, the movement didn’t last for long and women (and men) went back to straight relax their mane. Today in 21 century, women with curly and kinky hair have once again fed up with straight relaxing and hiding their kinks under a weave. In fact they believed that there must be another way to let your hair grow in a healthy way. Well the answer was to let your curly and kinky mane grow naturally. Some stopped and let their hair transition to a length they felt comfortable and cut the relaxed ends. And some of them didn’t have the patience and were too exited to see their curly kinks and instead shaved of all of their relaxed mane or as it is said in the natural hair community world “Made The Big Chop”. With the help of social media such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and blogs women with natural curly and kinky hair inspire each other to embrace their beautiful hairstextures. And this movement has not only affected women with curly and kinky hair in the US (where the movement all started) but around the world. Hopefully, this time, the natural kinky and curly hair movement is here to stay!

Versatility Beauty& Fashion has had the chance to interview one of a well-known natural curly hair blogger from the US. Meet Daily Baez Fernandez, a Dominican Bonita living in the US who loves her natural curly tresses to the fullest. Miss Fernandez also shares in the interview her passion for make up and fashion and have Jennifer Lopez, Solange Knowles and Scarlett Johansson as her favorit style icons.

daily curls

Versatility Beauty Fashion wants to know who Daily Baez Fernandez is.
Daily Baez is a mom of two beautiful daughters, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend and crazy, funny pro pajon. I was born in Dajabon, Dominican Republic in 19….? Lol on the border of Haiti, I have a marketing degree and a major in business. I moved from the Dominican Republic to California 3 ½ years ago. I have always been obsessed with beauty and hair, every time I had “victim” I used to relax, condition, roller set, and color hair and of course, make up, just for fun. I was very grateful they let me experiment with them and of course it was free, they were grateful too.

You are a well-recognized blogger, but do please describe for Versatility Beauty Fashion readers about your blog and why they should read it?
It’s funny how it all started. One day I decided to stop relaxing my hair and so I started to post pictures in my personal Facebook page and talked about it, and the comment wasn’t what you call positive. In general, people said “OMG all you talk about is hair!”. So it hit me and that day I started my Facebook page and I felt that all the info was getting lost and I was repeating myself; a few weeks after I started

Dailycurlz is a bilingual blog (English and Spannish) where I talk about natural curly, kinky hair. It’s a blog where I recognize and celebrate the black heritage in our Latin blood. I do reviews, “Honest” reviews about products I try, I post about the versatility of natural hair, how to love it and take care of it.

Apart from being a blogger you are also the founder of the hair product Daily oil mix. Give a description of the product and why people should try Daily oil mix?
I did my Big chop and my hair was growing, it was soft, shinny and healthy and people started to ask me: “What are you using?”. I told them that I’ve been experimenting and researching with natural oils, and I massage it to my scalp every night. They wanted to try it and I’ve been asking for samples and if I can sell some of my own, and that’s how everything started. Now I have it available online on my blog. Dailycurlz oil mix is a blend of 9 natural oils. Tested on me and my girls♥

The hair trends amongst people with curly/kinky hair, especially African Americans are to stop relaxing their hair and to become natural. What are your thoughts about the trend?

I’ve been natural for a year and a half now, and it’s been WONDERFUL, I have never been happier in my life. For some it has been a choice, but for many women become natural was a necessity base on many factors: hair damage, moving to another country, hair loss, etc, etc. And in the process we have learned how beautiful it can be. I feel like I was reborn, a true unique me, and at the point where I don’t even flat iron my hair anymore. This is not a hair style, if you can’t accept me you can’t accept my hair. Living natural demands more of you, and to survive– to maintain, you have to have some of your heart on it. Women are starting to see natural hair as a viable option. They see that being natural is not a synonym of crazy un-styled hair. Thanks to blogs, Facebook, twitter, youtube they are seeing positive images of themselves in the media rocking big hair! Natural hair can be worn in different styles ,they are seeing it be healthy, they are seeing it grow! Barriers are falling and we all are willing to explore and share to each other.

What advice can you give to those who wants to let their hair grow natural?

• Please, please be patient, it takes time and love to grow natural hair.
• Always be gentle with your hair.
• Always detangle from the end to the roots of your hair.
• Use sulfate free shampoo.
• Don’t forget your scalp, massage it with light penetrating oil, every night; this helps release stress and opens the follicle.
• Get surrounded by positive people; join a fan Facebook page where everybody speaks CURLY HAIR.
• Uses a daily non- grease moisturize.
• Read the label of your products.

Because of your passion about natural hair care what are your thoughts about women that straight relax or curlperm their hair or like to color/bleaching their mane frequently?

I think it is a matter of choice, is your hair and is your way. I am not against relaxers, Chemicals, bleach etc. But I AM PRO NATURAL HAIR!

There are some parents with kinky/curly haired children, who take their daughters at a very young age to a saloon to straight relax their hair. And with the hair treatment they believe it will make the hair more manageable. What are your thoughts?
In this matter I do have something to say. In general parents are taking the childhood away from their kids, inappropriate clothing, inappropriate toys, let them grow being proud of who they are, let them be a child, don’t pass your frustrations and insecurity to them. If you relax children’s hair you are telling them they are not pretty enough, that only straight hair is pretty. But most importantly is that relaxers are chemicals and can cause damages to your child, everything you put in your skin is absorbed by your body, specially a child’s skin, so soft, so delicate. The skin on you scalp is the same of your face, so please be gentle. Parents have to protect their kids not to hurt them.

Versatility Beauty&Fashion thinks that your hair curly locks is strikingly gorgeous. How do you take care of it: Do you only take care of your hair by yourself or do you have a hairstylist that looks after your tresses?
Awww Thank you!! I treat my hair as a baby, I always be gentle with my hair.
I do daily scalp massage follow by leave-in or moisturizer, I do a couple of CO-wash during the week because I workout and sweat is not good for your hair, weekly DC (deep conditioning) is a most. I take care of my pajon myself I never go to hairstylists not because I think they are not useful is just that I haven’t found a good natural one around me and besides as I always love to do and try new things and my natural hair is perfect for my crazy experimental spirit.

dialy curls

daily curls 1

What mistakes have you made to your tresses that you have learned from?

Thank God and all the research I’ve done everything went super smooth. You can hear and read a lot about what is good for your hair, but you have to use your common sense.

What kind of hair products do you use that you can recommend to others with curly hair?

Sheamoisture Milk it is good for daily moisturize. My own oil mix Daily Oil Mix: to massage my scalp.
Leave-in conditioners to make my curls pop-up
And protein treatment once or twice a month, I absolutely love Salem Protein Balsam.
I make a lot of homemade conditioner that help my hair and my budget.

Make up or natural?
Make up, I love make up. I AM pretty, but I need some extra help to look even prettier.
I love make up in a way to accentuate your beauty, make up is so amazing you can wear makeup and look like if you not wearing any.

What is your favorite make up line?

I have a trick for make up, I mix and match expensive ones with inexpensive.
Primmer and foundation from mac
Laura mecier powder.
Smashbox brushes
Loreal Mascara
And some Physicians Formula items.

How would you describe your style of fashion?

I love fashion, I do, but as a mother of two and in this economy my priority has changed, in the past I spent a lot of money on fashion, but now I have a more smart sense of fashion. I read a lot of magazines to have an awareness of what is trend and base on that I shop in different places, doing the same I do with makeup, mix and match. Shoes are the only item where all my theory fall down, when I see a great pair of shoes and my hormones go crazy.

daily baez

daily baez

Do you have any celebrity you look up to when it comes to style of fashion?

I like the way many celebrity dress: Jenifer Lopez, Solange Knoles, Zoe Saldaña, Hally Berry, Scarlett Johansson. They are one of my favorites.

Where do you go for shopping or are there a certain brand that you love?
Everywhere: Marshall, outlet, Vintage stores, Ross, boutiques, malls, Sephora, online etc. You don’t need to be rich to be in fashion.

Last question: What are your thoughts about the dominant mainstream ideal of beauty?
We always need to follow some trends in fashion, but in general we have to put your own personal touch on it. There is no such thing as ideal beauty, beauty comes in all shape, colors and forms, and we need to work with what God gave us, understand the color and fabrics that goes with our figure and our life style. These days we have no excuses there are tones of sources to shop and look for ideas.

Interview: by Charity Odum
Text: by Charity Odum
Pictures: Borrowed from Daily Baez Fernandez

Make sure to visit Daily Baez Fernandez blog

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