Versatility Beauty&Fashion has had the honor to interview a woman who has strong passion for Natural Hair Care. She is a hairstylist who has clients such as Jill Scott, Sanaa Lathan, Will Smith, Terrence Howard, Anthony Anderson, Arsenio Hall. Meet Felicia Leatherwood a natural hairtstylist that specializes in helping women transition hairstyles and grow healthier hair. And though she can weave, relax, color and cut hair with the best of them, she’s known for her expertise with natural hair and for her remarkable ability to grow hair. She is known as “growing hands” and has been known to help her clients with problem or short hair grow a full head of healthy, happy hair. It is her mission to empower women around the world to LOVE THEIR HAIR, NATURALLY!

Felicia Leatherwood
 The first time Versatility Beauty&Fashion saw you, was on CBS where you gave models different recreations of “celebrity” hairstyles such as Esperanza Spalding’s Grammy Winning hairdo, Miley Cyrus wavy hairstyle etc. It gives an impression that you acknowledge different hairtypes. In Sweden most saloons only takes care of a certain hairtype. In addtion to that, there are only a few hairstylists that have the knowledge on how to treat all tresses. Is the situation in the US the same or is it common that hairstylists have great knowledge on different hairtypes?
It is the same everywhere you go. Some stylist will specialize in a certain area of hair and you have to seek those stylist out, because they can be hard to find. The reason why it is this way is because when you go to Beauty School to learn how to do hair, you are only taught on a specific grade of hair(which does not represent every nationality)and so you learn how to only work with soft straight hair and add curls or you learn how to take the kink out of kinky curly hair and straighten it. I get a lot of request from women all over the world looking for the perfect hairstylist and It hard for me to make a referral without having the proper information from stylist and what they specialize in.When did you find your passion for haircare?
I found my passion for hair when I was 9 years.old, but renewed it as an adult after working in Corporate America. Hair is much more fulfilling for me than a 9-5!The hair trends amongst African Americans are to become natural. What are your thoughts about the trend?
I think that natural hair is a movement more than a trend right now. Women are feeling better about themselves wearing their hair natural. They are retiring relaxers and weaves to be more natural and healthy with their hair. Also because of the natural hair movement, we are able to see so much more creativity with hairstyles.What advice can you give for those who wants to become natural?
To Rock your natural hair with CONFIDENCE and be PATIENT when it comes to learning your hair.You recently had a workshop with your company “Loving Your Hair with Natural Care” last month in Chicago. How did it go?
The workshop in Chicago was awesome and the naturalistas there were amazing and inspiring! Chicago has got the natural thing down! All the workshops I’ve done have been amazing and not only do I get the opportunity to teach, I also get the opportunity to learn from the stories that the women tell me about their hair.Are you going to have more workshops this year in the US?
Yes! I have workshops booked all the way into the Winter months and I’m very excited about it.Loving Your Hair Workshops will be in New Orleans, Virginia, Orlando Florida, Las Vegas & St. Louis.

Have you ever done any workshops outside the US? If not, which country would you like to visit to do workshop?
Loving Your Hair will hold it’s first Natural Hair Workshop outside of the United States this Summer. August 13th in the UK. Uknaturalhair. But Loving Your Hair Workshops aspire to travel all over the World bringing natural hair care knowledge to everyone!

Why is it so important to use natural hair products?
Natural Hair products are important to use because not only does it help maintain the intergrity and health of the hair, it is also important for us to protect our environment and ourselves, by NOT polluting the air with harsh chemicals that a lot of beauty products have in them!

Because of your passion about natural hair care what are your thoughts about women that straight relax or curl their hair or like to color/bleaching their mane frequently?
I’m into healthy hair and that just happens to mean that a lot of the products and styles I deal with are natural. I choose not to relax or chemicalize my clients hair because it is dangerous to the both of us. I my main priority is maintaining the health of the hair!

Since you are a natural hairstylist Versatility Beauty&Fashion wants to know how you take care of your own tresses?
There are only two people that care for my hair…Me and my Brother (he’s a awesome barber)!

Do you only take care of your mane by yourself or do you have a hairstylist that looks after your hair?
I’ve always done my own hair!

What mistakes have you made to your tresses that you have learned from?
I can’t say that I’ve made mistakes with my hair, because ever thing I’ve ever done, I’ve learned a lot from. Whether it’s how much is too much product to use or whens the best time to shampoo/condition & trim. It has all been a great learning experience.

What kind of hairproducts do you use that you can recommend to others with kinky/curly hair?
Wow! There are so many. Here are some of my top favorites;
Jane Carter Solution, Shea Moisture Company, Komaza Care, Oyinhandmade, Hair
Rules, Kinky Curly, Karens Body Beautiful and Koils by Nature!

Make up or natural?
What is your favorite make up line?
Black Opal

What do you love the most when it comes to your beautiful appearance?
My skin tone. I’m grateful to my parents for my skin tone!

How would you describe your style of fashion?
Great question…how would I describe it, well it’s casual meets hip contemporary.

Do you have any celebrity you look up to when it comes to style of fashion?
No, I can’t say that there is anyone I can think of.

Where do you go for shopping or is there a certain brand that you love? I’m not into brands. I usually shop at local boutiques in my neighborhood and little $10 clothing stores.

Last question: What are your thoughts about the dominant mainstream ideal of beauty?
Well some things change and some thing remain the same. I think that the natural hair community is introducing a different ideal of beauty and that’s to love yourself no matter what!

Text: Charity
Interview by: Charity
Images: Borrowed from Felicia Leatherwood

Visit Felicia Letherwoods website here

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