Once again, Versatility Beauty&Fashion got the chance to interview the celebrity natural hair stylist Felicia Leatherwood who has clients such as Jill Scott, Will Smith and Viola Davis. (Read her first interview with VBF here) Felicia Leatherwood is the expert and educator of natural hair. She travels around the world to educate people about how to take care of their natural hair. And the key for healthy hair, according to Felicia herself,  is to love your hair with natural care! In this interview Felicia Leatherwood shares her advice on how to achieve healthy hair, her favorite natural hair products and her healthy body, soul and hair goal this year of 2015!
felicia leatherwood

You are the healthy hair guru and have great passion to help women to achieve healthy/healthier hair, since it is the main key for hair growth. As we all know every hair types are versatile and Versatility Beauty&Fashion would like to know your best advice for women with Coily/Curly hair to achieve healthy hair?

Water hydration and nutrition is very important to coily hair health. Deep condition at least twice a month for 25-35 minutes with a really good conditioner. You want a conditioner with good slippage. If you put the product on your hair and your run your fingers through it, you want to be sure that your fingers go through your hair easily; this equals good slippage.

What do you do to your tresses to maintain healthy hair?
Don’t just look at the products that you put on your hair. Make sure that what you put in your body is nutritional for you. Drink lots of water. This is the most essential long term treatment for your hair health. Protein and vegetables are a good start.

Who is your ultimate hair crush?
Hair is my ultimate crush.

Please share your favorite hair products and which products you would love to try for 2015?


In 2015:

Versatility Beauty&Fashion has started the Healthy movement with Versatility Beauty&Fashion 2015, where we want to inspire women around the world to set goals for achieving healthy hair, healthy body and healthy soul(inner beauty) this year of 2015. If you would like to join the movement what would your goals be to achieve:

Healthier body?
Good diet and a disciplined regimen.

Healthier hair?
Good diet and disciplined regimen.

Healthier soul (inner beauty)?
Prayer and meditation.

In which social media channels can one follow you?
You can find me at Loving Your Hair on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Thank you for the interview and the for the support

Text: by Charity Odum
Interview: by Charity Odum

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