Versatility Beauty &Fashion has had the privilege to interview this hot tamale naturalista from New York, that goes by the name Julia Rose. In this interview Miss Rose shares about her blog Hairandroses, her perspective about the ideal of beauty and the natural hair community. Since Julia Rose is a hairdresser, Versatility Beauty&Fashion could not resist to ask Julia to share her hair care recommendations for women with coily and curly.versatility beauty and fashion

Who is Julia Rose?
Well First things first, lol I am a native New Yorker , a hairdresser, and a naturalista. I have a blog where I share my experience with hair, fashion, lifestyle and some knowledge.

Tell us about your blog
I started writing a blog about 4 years ago; When I decided to start a blog I knew I wanted to reach many women of all ages, who may share some my same experiences. As a hairdresser I’ve learned a lot about myself and through that it’s thought me how to solve many of the issues that us women share daily. So I like to share my advice and a few words of encouragement through tips and diy:). I also share my work wether it’s my salon work or creative work (editorial).

How would you describe your inner beauty?
I suppose I would describe it as compassionate,honest, attentive, loving, and strong.

What do you love about your beauty?
That I can express and share it with others.

What do you love the most when it comes to your beautiful hair?
What I love most about my hair? How wild and free it is, it has its personality you know lol. I use to be a slave to straight hair and although low maintenance it was just that, straight. Thanks to Lorraine Massey who pushed me to wear it natural, I learned to embrace it and discovered all the fun styles I can wear it in.

What three things would you recommend for women with curly/coily hair?
Love your hair, give it good care, keep it moisturized and strong. Curly/natural girls get to have more opportunities in styles so learn and embrace your hair have fun with it.

What three things would you not recommend women with curly/coily hair?
Heat is very damaging to the hair and it comes in many forms, try applying heat the least possible. Stay away from harsh chemicals. Don’t use oil as a leave in it dries the hair.

Four years ago, Versatility Beauty&Fashion interviewed the famous natural hair stylist Felicia Leatherwood. One of the questions Versatility Beauty&Fashion asked her was what she thought about the trend amongst women with coily or curly hair becoming natural. She responded that in her perspective becoming natural is not a trend, but more as a movement. Do you agree or disagree with Felicia Leatherwood statement about becoming natural is a movement?
I believe that’s a question for the individual we all change our way of thinking as we evolve. For me it was a freeing experience and as I find myself pushing for many women to share the same experience, I would say I do see it as a movement a powerful one. There is nothing more amazing than loving and existing with the nature of what God has given us.

versatility beauty and fashion

There has been a lot of discussions about why there most be one type of ideal beauty. Since 2013 the ideal of woman’s body is to look strong and therefore the new ideal of beauty is ”Strong is the new skinny”. Versatility Beauty&Fashion is pro-health and believes that working-out is the best medicine you can give to your body and soul.  But some women misunderstand the ideal and work out too much that they hurt themselves. Instead of taking a break to let their injury fully heal; they take pills to counteract the injury to sustain their work out in fear of gaining weight! What are your thoughts about today’s attitude of the ”new” ideal of body?
To me it’s remarkable that the new millennium is growing to eat right, exercise (which is good for our mind, body, and soul) to work on ourselves not just to look good but to feel even better. Now in terms of some young women going to such extremes to keep themselves looking good can raise some concerns, anything in excess is not safe under any circumstances. But its definitely a step up from abnormal behavior of wanting to be skinny brought anorexia, bulimia, and starvation.

How often do you work out/ how often do you think one should work out to feel good?
Shamefully, although I walk a lot I don’t work out as often as I believe one should lol. I believe there are different forms of working out so I would say 3-7 times a week with a good regiment and a sequence of workout techniques should be feasible.

Versatility Beauty&Fashion has started the Healthy movement with Versatility Beauty&Fashion 2015, where we want to inspire women around the world to set goals for achieving healthy hair, healthy body and healthy soul(inner beauty) this year of 2015. If you would like to join the movement what would your goals be to achieve

  • Healthier body
  • Healthier hair
  • Healthier soul (inner beauty)

this year of 2015?

All of the above. Haha. I work on my hair all the time so mostly my body. In terms of my soul that’s a life long goal as it will always need tlc and direction from the Almighty.

In which social media can one find you?
You can find me on:
Facebook: @ hair n Roses
Twitter: @hairnroses
Instagram: @hairnroses or my personal page _lavieenros3_

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Happiness is a byproduct of living right. Seek to do right and walk away from all that bring you to loose yourself. Love greatly 🙂 <3

“ A self that goes on changing is a self that goes on living.” Virginia Woolf

Interview: by Charity Odum

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