In the commercial world we are living in, most artists today are mainly focusing on the best way to earn money rapidly and not really on how to create art that will touch peoples hearts. For instance songartists; most music that are created today don’t really have that genuine sound of feeling that really touches your soul or what you can relate to. However, luckily there are few songartists that still have the desire to touch peoples hearts through music. Versatility Beauty&Fashion has had the honor to interview a songartis that has the aspire to inspire people with music as her tool. Meet Mariannie Ompoc from Canada, a beautiful songartist who has a voice that truly touches your inner soul. In the interview Mariannie shares about her music, how she takes care of her long luscious wavy hair, her style of fashion and of course her opinion about the dominant ideal of beauty.


Versatility Beauty&Fashion wants to know who Mariannie Ompoc is?

I am a singer/songwriter from Ontario, Canada.

You are going to release your new album (EP) 1993 in June 24th . Please share why the name 1993?

1993 was the year that my family immigrated to Canada from the Philippines.  The EP title closely relates to the subjects that I lyrically touched on in 1993 like a sense of loss, letting go, and moving forward.

How would you shortly describe your music? Is there a hidden agenda or is there a specific message you want to share to your listeners?

I would say my music touches up on issues that most people deal with and is inspired by old school r&b/soul music.  It is lyrically and vocally driven.

What can a fan expect from you and your music in the future? Meaning is there an upcoming tour in Canada/ world tour this year, music videos, singles and future albums?

My first single « Fly » will be undergoing a radio campaign in the weeks to come, and music video is also underway.  In terms of future albums, I will definitely be releasing a full – length album in the future which I am excited about.


How has the  media (spotify, youtube and itunes) and social media (myspace, facebook, twitter, instgram) ment for your spreading/ developing of  your music and career?

Social media definitely enables an artist to gain new followers/fans, as well as interact with fans and music industry professionals on a much personal level.  The digital platform creates a link to listeners all over the world and I think it is an extremely useful tool and resource to have as an artist.

Who would you say is your favorite music artist and which of them inspires you the most?

Marvin Gaye – because he made music that moved one’s soul.

Versatility Beauty&Fashion loves your long wavy hair.  Please share to our readers how you take care of  it?

My hair is quite thick; I don’t wash it every day although I am an avid believer in conditioning.  I also use a hair treatment once a week to keep it hydrated.


What products do you use that you’d like to recommend others with your type of hair?

I can’t live without KMS Moisture Repair (Blue) line; especially the leave-in conditioner.

What mistakes have you made to your tresses that you have learned from?

I have done it all: colour, cut, and even perm!  I definitely regret perming my hair and will never do that again.  I now stay away from anything that combines heat and chemicals at the same time.

Make up or natural?

Both – it depends on my mood.

Do you have a favorite make up line?
- MAC and Smashbox

Do you have any beautytips you’d like to share?
No sun tanning!  Definitely fake it or later regret it

How would you describe your style of fashion?

Classic and feminine with a modern twist. I grew up with my grandmother who was fashion savvy and needless to say, I am quite conscious of fashion.  I also sew.


Do you have any celebrity you look up to when it comes to style of fashion? 

Kate Moss for my casual days, and Audrey Hepburn for the dressy looks.

Where do you go for shopping or is there a certain fashionbrand that you prefer to buy?

I like XOXO and Michael Kors.  I found a red Michael Kors red wool coat at a consignment shop and wore it almost every day last winter. I also like H&M and find that I go there a lot to get some pieces to mix and match with things I already have in my closet.

Last question: What are your thoughts about the dominant mainstream ideal of beauty?

Up until the age of 16, I stopped idolizing women who looked perfect in magazines.  I came to learn that women are always subjected to the media and the perception of beauty that the media portrays.  It changes all the time!  There is no such thing as ‘ideal’.  People thought Audrey Hepburn was ‘boyish’ and had an unusual look when she first came out, but I think she was one of the most beautiful women that walked the earth.  Not everyone shares my point of view, which is exactly my point.

Interview: by Charity Odum

Photos: borrowed from Mariannie Ompoc

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