I love my body, not because of the way it looks necessarily but because of what it can do. I dance a lot and movement is such a beautiful, powerful thing. How our bodies are capable of adapting and learn, It’s something we are not always aware of but when you think about it, it’s incredible.

Versatility Beauty&Fashion must admit that we are a bit obsessed with this breath taking lady, since this is the second time Versatility Beauty&Fashion has interviewed her (Feel free to read previous interviews (in Swedish) here and here). Meet the beautiful and talented music artist Mikaela Coco Urbom, from Stockholm Sweden, who has a singing voice that tenders your soul. In this interview Mikaela shares about her music career, healthy hair recommendation for women with straigh/wavy hair. Versatility Beauty&Fashion is proud to announce that Mikaela Coco Urbom has joined the Healthy Movement with Versatility Beauty&Fashion 2015.

mikaela coco urbom

Who is Mikaela Coco?
I am an Artist & Songwriter. I would say that I am an emotional & expressive person. I’m not afraid to show feelings and I like to share them…that’s why creating music is essential for me.. so is chocolate 😉

Not so long ago you released your single “Used to know” and Versatility Beauty&Fashion simply loved your beautiful deep voice and the rhythm of the music beats of the song. Please share what/whom inspired you to create “Used to Know”?
Used To Know is a very personal song, the story is completely taken out of my life and a real experience. Like I said, I’m not afraid to share my feelings, and ”Used To Know” is a perfect exempel of that. The song is very honest and straight forward and it was just something that I needed to get out of my system at that time. When Alex who produced the song came up with the rhythm and we combined that with the melodies the magic started. It felt so ”grounded” and powerful at the same time.

mikaela coco urbom

How would you shortly describe your music in general? Is there a hidden agenda or is there a specific message you want to share to your listeners?
There’s no specific ”hidden agenda”, but I want my listeners to be experience something when they listen to my music. I want to leave them with an emotion or reaction. As long as my music touches something in the listener (good or bad) I have succeeded in a way.

What can a fan expect from you and your music in the future? Meaning is there an upcoming tour in Sweden/the US/world tour this year, music videos, singles and future album(s)?
There’s is a lot of things going on at the moment. And what I can say is that you can expect a lot of new music. An EP is on it’s way and a lot of things coming with that, so keep your eyes and ears open!

How has the media (spotify, youtube and itunes) and social media (facebook, twitter, instgram) meant for your spreading/ developing of your music and career?
It’s everything! It opens up a new world and a way to connect with people and your fans that wasn’t possible before. It’s amazing how you can spread a message and share your passion with just a klick basically.

Who would you say is your favorite music artist and which of them inspires you the most?
Omg, that’s way to hard… I get inspired by so many different artists and there are so much talent in the world it’s insane! I love artist that work a lot on their lyrics that’s why I listen a lot to hiphop/rap. But to mention some people I would say, The weeknd & Drake… and Beyonce because of her incredible stage presence and power.

beyonce on stage

How would you describe your inner beauty?
Hmm… well I would say my emotions, good and bad emotions. That’s what makes us alive. Everything we do is based on, or gives us emotions. To be in contact with them is a very beautiful thing. It’s life.

What do you love about your beauty?
I love my body, not because of the way it looks necessarily but because of what it can do. I dance a lot and movement is such a beautiful, powerful thing. How our bodies are capable of adapting and learn, It’s something we are not always aware of but when you think about it, it’s incredible.

mikaela coco urbom

What do you love the most when it comes to your beautiful hair?
I like that it’s thick and fluffy and it grows fast 🙂

What three things would you recommend for women with straight/wavy hair?
1.Redken shampoo & Conditioner, it’s hands down the best shampoo I’ve used and they have something for all hair types.
2. Osis+ ”Body me”, It’s perfect when you want extra volume and thickness that holds.
3. Vitamin B, if you are loosing a lot of hair.

What three things would you not recommend women with straight/wavy hair?
1. Brushing you hair while its wet. My hair is sensitive and fall off much easier then..
2. Never use Ironer, curl or blow dryer without heat protection
3. Don’t go on a non fat diet. We need good fat in our nutrition to keep our hair and skin beautiful and avoid dryness/damage.

Versatility Beauty&Fashion has started the Healthy movement with Versatility Beauty&Fashion 2015, where we want to inspire women around the world to set goals for achieving healthy hair, healthy body and healthy soul(inner beauty) this year of 2015. If you would like to join the movement what would your goals be to achieve
· Healthier body
· Healthier hair
· Healthier soul (inner beauty)
this year of 2015?
Healthier soul is my goal 2015. I want to worry less, improve my acceptance and enjoy life more.


In which social media can one find you?
Facebook: Facebook.com/MikaelaCoco
Instagram: MikaelaCocomusic
Twitter: MikaelaUCoco
Website: Mikaelacoco.com

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Much Love to Versatility Beauty&Fashion for a great online mag!

Interview: by Charity Odum

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