Beautiful and long hair is what we all women are craving for and we will do Anything to achieve that. But what about healthy hair? Shouldn’t it be a number one priority before our strive to gain length of hair? Versatility Beauty&Fashion has had a great honor to interview a Beautiful Woman who has a breathtaking hair. What is her secret? The answer is Hydratherma Naturals, a hair product series made by Saleemah Cartwright who definitely knows what your tresses really needs to achieve length; balance between protein and moisture. Besides from her stunning hair and versatile hairstyles, Mrs Cartwright loves to experience with make up and adores the style of fashion of Victoria Beckham’s Poshy á la Chic Style.


Versatility Beauty&Fashion wants to know who Saleemah Cartwright is? 
I am an absolute lover of hair!!!!!

You are the founder of the hair product Hydratherma Naturals Healthy Hair product. Give a description of the product and why people should try Hydratherma Naturals? 
Unlike most product lines, our products are designed to give the hair a nourishing balance of protein and moisture. Our products help the hair maintain a moisture / protein balance. If used as directed, the hair will eventually fall into a healthy moisture / protein balance which will result in healthier hair and length retention.
All of our products are natural based, PH balanced, paraben free, and does not contain mineral oil or petrolatum. Our line consist of shampoos, cleansers, deep conditioners, leave in conditioners, moisturizers and hair oils. We also have stylers to help hold curl.

hydratherma natural

When did you find your interest in producing hair products? 
I have been creating hair products for my own hair for the past 10 years. In 2007, I began sharing my private hair products to my family / friends and people absolutely loved them. That is how Hydratherma Naturals was born.

Is the formula Hydratherma Naturals for a certain hair type or for all hair types? 
Our products are designed to create a moisture / protein balance in the hair. Because of this, our products are great for anyone who wants to achieve this balance in their hair. We have women and men with all hair types who use our products.

Can Hydratherma Naturals only be found in the US or can you also find in other countries?
Our products are based in the US however, we have customers all over the world. We ship worldwide. We are hoping to open up retail locations internationally in the future.

How often do you receive mail from happy/unhappy customers that have tried Hydratherma Naturals products?
We receive many emails from customers on a daily basis. We encourage our customers to leave feedback on our Hydratherma Naturals testimonial pages.

Do you have workshops to promote your brand? If so when are you going to have workshops this year? 

Yes, we have frequent workshops. We are in the planning stages of organizing another workshop in GA. Date is TBA.


Has it ever happened that you had workshop outside the US? 
Not yet but we hope to very soon because we have many international customers.

The hair trends amongst African Americans are to become Natural. You yourself are African American and have natural kinky hair. Versatility Beauty&Fashion wants to know your thoughts about the trend, meaning should everyone that straight relaxes their mane become natural? 
I believe that people should wear their hair exactly how they want to. Whether it be long, short, straight, curly, colored or not. The key is having healthy hair.

How do you take care of your hair: Do you only take care of your hair by yourself or do you have a hairstylist that looks after your tresses?
I do my own hair and I have been doing my own hair for years. I shampoo and deep condition weekly with the Hydratherma Naturals products and I am always mindful of maintaining a great moisture protein balance in my hair with our Hydratherma daily styling products.

Mrs Cartwright One year hair growth using Hydratherma Naturals Healthy Hair products

Mrs Cartwright One year hair growth using Hydratherma Naturals Healthy Hair products

Blow-dryed vs.Flat-ironed

Blow-dryed vs.Flat-ironed

Some of Saleemah’s Versatile Hairstyles

Some of Saleemah’s Versatile Hairstyles

What mistakes have you made to your hair that you have learned from? 
I have learned many years ago that overusing heat appliances can cause some serious damage to the tresses. There is nothing wrong with using heat but abusing the hair with direct heat on a regular basis can cause irreversible damage.

Make up or natural? 
I love makeup!!!

What is your favorite make up line? 
MAC!!! Their pigments are the best!


What do you love the most when it comes to your beautiful appearance? 
I love to experiment with makeup but I truly love the “natural look”.

How would you describe your style of fashion?
Stylish yet casual

Do you have any celebrity you look up to when it comes to style of fashion? 
I like Posh’s (Victoria Beckham) style

Where do you go for shopping or is there a certain brand that you love? 
H&M!!! Affordable and Chic

Last question: What are your thoughts about the dominant mainstream ideal of beauty?
I believe that the mainstream ideal of beauty does not represent the variety of “beauty” in the world today. Beauty does not come in just one package. It comes in all different shapes, sizes and colors. We have to appreciate our own beauty and not depend on the mainstream media to define it for us.

Interview: By Charity
Text: Charity
Pictures: Borrowed from Saleemah Cartwright

Make sure to visit Saleemah Cartwrights Hydratherma Naturals website here and her Youtube Channel here

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