As the editor in chief of Versatility Beauty&Fashion together with two brilliant guest bloggers Hampus Sandén and Maria Hultberg, we have started a project in association with the beauty and hair saloon Natticole. The hairstylist Mina Valadi, who is also the owner and the founder of Natticole, apart from giving her customers beautiful hairstyles, Mina also practices a thousand years old hair removal treatment, Threading. Therefore this Febuary month you will see frequent posts about threading here at the online magazine with every beauty in mind.

Last week Maria and I visited Natticole to try threading for the first time where we got our eyebrows beautifully shaped. We also became “mustache free”.

threadingvbfStay tuned to read our stories about how it felt to be threaded by Mina and more.

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 Have you tried threading?

How long have you been threading?

Do you practice threading at home, professionally or on your own?

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Text: by Charity Odum

Photo: by Charity Odum