As the one ideal of good hair has been broken for the past decade and whilst the naturalhair community is evolving there are women with natural coily and curly hair who still believe there are more work to be done. Within the community there are naturalistas who are experiencing their hair is who they are. In other words that their coily or curly tresses have become their identity.

For the “Be the Change you are seeking for” campaign Janibell Rosanne is a model and a social media influencer we at Versatility Beauty&Fashion admire for the fact she understood what nedded to be done and became the change she was seeking for in the naturalhair community.

Janibella Rosanne

Janibelle Rosanne

Janibelle Rosanne

Janibelle loved her natural hair, but felt her hair became her identity. To tackle the unbalanced feeling she big chopped her big fluffy curls to make a statement she is are not hair!

Janibell Roseanne

Janibelle Rosanne
Janibelle Rosanne

Versatility Beauty&Fashion favours Janibelle Rosanne for Being the change she wants to see in the naturalhair community. And most importantly she is living fully, owning her beauty and being who she truly is.

Image: Instagram @janibellrosanne
Text: Versatility Beauty&Fashion

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