Once again H&M’s swimsuit summer campaign for 2013 have made people praise the Swedish clothing brand that has every body shape in mind. Versatility Beauty&Fashion adores H&M for having the focus on representing the diversity of the curvy body.

It is a fact that the curvy body comes in different shapes and sizes. Moreover, the curvy body does not look exact the same; there are curvy bodies that are shaped as the fruitpear and other curvy bodies shaped as apple. Beyoncé (Carter) Knowles who recently was the face for H&M representing summerwear and swimsuit campaign for 2013 have a curvy body shaped as pear. The new face for H&M swimsuit campaign 2013 is the plus size model from New York USA, Jennie Runk who after a day got 2000 likes on her Facebook page.


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As you can see Jennie Runk is showing of her luscious curvy body shaped as apple with beautiful swimsuits for size 44-54. According to Swedish news paper DN people have reached out to her, thanking Jennie Runk for representing women with bigger curves.

What do you ladies think of the summer campain and about Jennie Runk?

What body shape do you think you have: Apple or Pear?

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