Magda Gad, an Egyptian-Swedish journalist for the Swedish News magazine Expressen, we at Vesatility Beauty&Fashon ought to write about. Not only because we admire her beautiful fashion of style or even being in awe of her unique beauty, but mostly because of her courage traveling to war zones to report the stories that are not being shared in the mainstream news media.

Magda Gad has been stationed in countries such as Liberia during the ebola epidemic, lived in the ghettos of Rumania. Ms Gad has recently been stationed in Iraq and Syria to cover the stories of the people being affected by the war against terrorism.

Recently, Ms Gad was interviewed by the Norwegian talkshow Skavlan sharing her stories of reporting from the war zones. In the interview she shared she is wearing knife to protect herself from whoever tries to attack her. During the interview Ms Gad shares she one time had to pull up her knife up to defend herself from an Iraqi governor who tried to molest her.

Her stories seem so surreal, however we at Versatility Beauty&Fashion admire Ms Gad courage of living her life with purpose.

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