Ahead of the Fifa Women’s World Cup, Nike recently released an ad which features a young girl rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest names in football.The girl who is part of the ad goes by the name Makena Cook also known as American Nija Warrior Junior who is an athlete and loves ball sports.

As the message of the ad “Dont Change Your Dream. Change the World” we at Versatility Beauty&Fashion admire Nike for having Makena Cook for being the representation for the next generation; being the change they want to see for a better world.

Why we at Versatility Beauty&Fashion admire Nike’s choice of having Makena Cook being part of this empowering advertisement is in fact her interview with Daily Motions where she shares an emotional yet a vital story that her skin color should not define who she is or what she can be. That being who she is could hopefully inspire girls to embrace who they are and to become whoever they want to be. You can watch her story here.

We at Versatility Beauty&Fashion are inspired of Makena Cook‘s essence and her courage of being the change she wants to see!

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