Four months has gone in this new year of 2015 and it  so amazing that there are many who have joined the Healthy Movement with Versatility Beauty&Fashion 2015!

Of course I am part of the movement and so far I am happy with my journey of achieving healthy body, soul and hair.

Speaking of hair, my naturalhair craves a lot of attention and wearing it out daily is not optional for me to achieve healthy naturalhair. My hair loves protective styling and therefor I decided to wear box braids as protective styling until summertime of 2015. But as months went by I became very bored of it so I unraveled the braids. However, I still did not want to wear my hair out so I wore afro buns and puffs for few weeks.

natural hairWhen those few weeks went by I wanted to wear another style of protective styling and thought of twisting my hair, but the syntactic hair extensions that are sold here in Stockholm, Sweden does not really blend in well when twisting it to your natural hair as Marley Twists hair extensions does. Furthermore the hair are mainly sold abroad.

Little did I know, I came across a Facebook post from a company where it says that they are now selling Marley Twists extensions in Stockholm Sweden. I got so excited and rushed to Vison Butik an African beauty and hair saloon store in Stockholm, Sweden. I bought three packages went home prepped my hair and installed 1 1/2 package.

marley twists extensions

What I loved about the Marley Twists hair extensions is that it was so easy to install and twist (It took me 4,5h). Furthermore, the ends of the Marley Twist hair extension does not unravel, it stays there, meaning you do not have to put the ends on hot water or lightly burn the ends for it to not ravel. And the best thing is that it blends perfectly with my natural hair.

marley twists

There are tons of ways to install Marley Twists and there are many great tutorials on YouTube. However if you guys would like to see how I install it, leave a comment on the comment field down bellow and I will do a installation of Marley Twists tutorial for you.

Let me know what you think of the Marley Twists?
Have you tried/thinking of wearing Marley Twists as protective style?
What install-tecqnics do you use to install the Marley Twist extensions to your hair?


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