I got a threading treatment for the first time in my life at Natticole near the subway station Radhuset in Stockholm. Since I am not into the beauty industry I didn’t know what threading really was, but I thought it would be fun to try it out and to help my classmates with their content marketing project.

My first thought when I stepped into the salon was “How nice it would be to get freshen up”.  For some reason I thought the feeling of getting threaded would hurt, so I had the mindset that the treatment would get intense. I sat down and got consultation and the staff of Natticole was really professional, which made me feel safe in their hands.


I had a full grown bushy beard so they had a lot to do. When the threading treatment started it kind of felt like a stinging feeling, but surprisingly it was more comfortable than I thought it would be. We had conversation through out the treatment.

2014-02-11 14.59.52_Josh_Pinstripe

What I mostly liked about the finish result was the fine line Mina shaped my beard against my cheek, my beard was more “tamed” and my bushy eyebrows was nicely shaped as well.

Carl before and after

Carl before and after

I have never met anyone mentioning about threading before, at least none of my  friends have. But I could absolutely recommend threading for men at Natticole. All in all the atmosphere of Natticole is very friendly and professional – something that I think would suit any men that wants that extra touch when it comes to their facial hair.

Text: by Carl Blanche

Photo: by Charity Odum

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